Beauty in 2015 was intense, from Instagram eyebrows to Kylie Jenner lips, everything was over the top. And while some of those trends are good, others are impractical. These 5 trends may not need to go away completely (well, some of them probably should) but at the very least they should be toned down in favor of more natural looks.

  1. Glitter Everything

Everything has been sparkling so far in 2015 into 2016, literally. Glitter became a big trend, with everything from glitter eyebrows, to glitter beards, and even glitter armpits having their moment. Glitter brings sparkle to a look, and can be fun and flattering if done correctly. But these trends have gone too far. Loose glitter tends to get everywhere, and while it may be perfect for a party, getting it to wash out of hair is difficult. And no one wants to show up to work on Monday with the hair of a fairy princess. If you absolutely have to have the glitter, keep it to nail polish and eyeshadow where it tends to stay in place, not leaving a trail wherever you go.


  1. Rainbow Highlighter

The rainbow highlighter Prism from Bitter Lace Beauty on Etsy recently went viral. The problem here is not with the product itself, nor with its results, rather the fact that it is, much like glittery hair, pretty but not practical. While it may be appropriate to go to Pride with this makeup look, it’s difficult to pull off anywhere else without looking like a unicorn. If you still love the shimmer, opt for a more neutral highlighter for daily wear. Light and dewy makeup is a trend for 2016, and the right highlighter is the perfect way to get this look.


  1. Corsets

For whatever reason, 2016 has turned into 1916 as waist-training, the act of cinching a corset periodically smaller to gain an hourglass shape, has begun to make a comeback. Celebrities such as the Kardashian sisters swear by it to maintain their figures. However, while corsets may help fake a perfect shape, they do nothing to help you keep it. Not only do they not help with weight loss, they also compress your internal organs if worn too long. The perfect shape is not real, love the body you’re in rather than squeezing into this modified medieval torture device.


  1. Overdone Eyes

Most of the trends in 2015 were based off of makeup that drag queens have been doing for years. From contouring to baking, they did it first. One of the looks copied was a smoky eye in any range of colors with a cat eye on top. While this may look good on Instagram, it isn’t wearable as an everyday look. Spring/Summer runway shows at NYFW saw smudged eyeliner replacing the cat eye, with a matte nude eyeshadow. This more natural look can be worn day or night, and never goes out of style.


  1. Heavy cream contouring

Another look taken from the drag queens, contouring was everywhere in 2015. And while it is always good to frame your face with a bit of bronzer, cream contouring takes forever and only looks best under harsh lights, such as stage lights or on the red carpet. If you must contour, go with powder in a lighter shade.




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