Taming Clutter

Living with the mess your kids make daily may be a struggle to the thought. The pint-sized clutter is a common sight in a house that has the pattern of interestingly recreating your kid’s surroundings of little feet. As the world is still not past the pandemic, drawings and test drawings of miscellaneous papers might be stacking up daily. For most kids when they refuse to nap during evenings, it is always about crayons, books, paints, and toys. 

Messiness is nothing to worry about as it is an important part of childhood. Messiness develops both kids’ minds and bodies. Later in their lives, they will grow into being the tidiest adults. Messiness is therefore something to admire. However, this doesn’t mean that you should let the mess lie around without cleaning or give in to a messed-up home environment until your kids grow up and head to university. 

This article looks into some possible tips for reducing your child’s daily clutter. 

  • Ground Rules
Ground Rules | Pexels

A family driven by ground rules is less prone to experiencing issues as uncontrollable house clutter or disobeying children. Setting up ground rules by bringing together the kids would let them understand where they stand and what their responsibilities are at the end of the day. The kids would know that their parents look up to them for an assigned daily task. 

However, labeling your expectations and conveying the same message to the kids may get a little challenging depending on the individual behavior. It is therefore necessary to set and implement these household rules in a friendly manner. If the kids are too young you can make them feel it is quite similar to a game. While the smaller kids can be instructed to keep toys away from doorways, the older kids can be expected to dump their clothes in the laundry basket and not back in the drawer. On mutual grounds, all kids should pick things up and put away things that they may have put down or kept on other surfaces. 

Alternatively, the list of ground rules can be printed and posted in each of their rooms for better remembering. You may want to change these ground rules as your kids grow up and their behavior needs to be addressed. Hence, a new set of rules can be introduced annually to suit their maturity. 

  • Dump Basket in Every Room
Dump basket | Pexels

In the event your kids are too young to be setting ground rules on, this method will work. Place a basket in every room and teach your kid to dump in the toys that he/she has brought into that room from his/her playroom. 

This would make your clean-up ritual quite easy. However, that’s not the only expectation you can rely on. Asking your little ones to do something daily as putting back the toys in that basket would make them listen to you and follow your instructions. This would be a great start for them. Following parents’ instructions would be the first step to carrying out a given task. 

As they head off to playschool or preschool, your kids would already be aware of putting toys back in place when instructed by their teacher. Hen, placing the basket would help clear the in-house clutter and train your kid’s brain. 

  • Using Storage that Is Kid Friendly
Kid-friendly Storage | Pexels

This clutter-busting solution works annually. Whether you are planning on making your kid’s bedroom, the playroom, his study room clutter-free using kid-friendly storage can clear the mess more effectively than you think. Opting for open-front stackable bins that are bright in color can draw the attention of children. This may tempt kids to use them. 

The goal here is to tempt and get kids to retrieve and clean their clutter without parents’ assistance. These colorful kids-friendly storage bins can be used as toy storage or as their clothes bin. Cute new bins can turn their heads over the usual boring storage boxes. 

Next is to make sure these bins are located at a child-friendly height. These stackable bins can come in handy if your child is blessed with more toys that cannot fit one bin. For better organization try labeling these colorful bins to help kids sort without any assistance. Labeling will also improve vocabulary and reading in younger children. 

  • Creating Unique Storage Spots
Unique Storage | Pexels

Personalizing and customizing storage boxes to fit the specific requirements of your kids would be more knowledgeable. For instance, a simple mug rack recreated and hung low in your kid’s playroom or dressing room would be ideal to hang their accessories like belts, and hats. These kinds of creative and unique storage options would keep miscellaneous clutter away and sorted for good. 

Try hanging organizers in the bathroom as a holed organizer to put in the rubber toys that otherwise lay in the bathtub. This way the water will be drained out and would be easier to put away back in its place. Another great idea would be to hang a lingerie bag that would save time sorting laundry that requires hand washing. 

A few of the unique storage ideas include organizers, wall mounts, corner hangs, and rolling bins. 

  • Re-using Old Furniture
Recycled Furniture | Pexels

This would be an excellent idea in recreating your kid’s surroundings in an interesting manner. Look into old furniture items that are in a state to be recycled to your kid’s room. This will not only help clean clutter in kids’ room it will eventually clean old clutter in your house by making use of something that wasn’t in use. However, recycling and adding new pieces to your kids’ room can create interest in your kid. Children love to experiment with new things even if they are recycled furniture. 

A small trunk can be used to store toys or athletics gear. A dresser on the other hand can store pieces of daily artwork of your child along with art supplies. A dresser can be arranged in a unique style adding more creativity to the room it is placed in. alternatively, small buckets and baskets can be placed on top of the dresser to hold paintbrushes and other supplies. 

Additionally, these recycled pieces of furniture can be of use to hold your kid’s school and extracurricular achievements as certificates, medals, and trophies. 

In conclusion, taming clutter in your house doesn’t mean getting rid of them but managing them wisely. Involving your kids in managing or taming their clutter would be a wise choice. The above simple strategies would be sure to keep clutter out of your way and in the right place. 

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