5 Handbags Every Woman Needs



  1. Everyday Bag – This should be a basic, mid-sized bag that is neutral colored, with minimal designs and embellishments so that it can match any given outfit. Some good options include black, gray, beige, white, or even red!
  2. Night Out Bag or Clutch – This is allowed to be dressy and ornate, but it should be small so that you can carry your main, night out essentials: lipstick, body mist, mascara, a compact, your phone, cards, cash and ID. This can be plain, with sequins, animal print, silk, or anything else that’s perfect for your night out!
  3. Guilty Pleasure – This is your big splurge – the bag that has been staring at you through the merchandising window that you must have over your shoulder! This could also probably be your statement or personalized bag. Either way, treat yourself to something elegant, edgy, and expensive – you’ve earned it!
  4. Overnight Bag – If you’re planning to spend a night somewhere other than home, don’t bring some old, worn out duffel bag that you’ve found lying around. Go in style, with tons of pockets and zippers; something big enough to hold all of your toiletries, make up, shoes, and clothes.
  5. Tote Bag – This is your practical bag that is still a popular fashion accessory. It’s perfect to use for beach trips, travels, picnics, school, shopping, crafting, and much, much more! It’s the only bag that is both convenient and stylish!


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