Reasons that make people endure a Bullying Relationship
Hurtful Bullying Relationships - Break the chain

Ever wondered how a bullying relationship affects an individual? Why do people keep bearing this negative element to cling to a relationship? Bullying hurts a person like a stream of lava flowing from the mountain and becoming rock. It’s a constant threat to one’s emotional development. In comparison, there is some deeper thought process that enables a person to keep enduring a bully.

bullying relationship
The Unseen Distance –

Here is what we need to know first!

Bullying is an act of constantly humiliating the weaker person to a certain extent. It may include physical, verbal, or social abuse or a combination of all. A person always bullies the other when he/she is weak in defending their personal space. Eventually, a bully develops a habit of hurting and dominate their partner.

Humiliating and degrading their partner in a relationship shows bullying. It can be through physical assault or verbal harassment to demean the other person. Let’s explore some reasons that compel people to tolerate bullying partners?

The observational learning of bearing a bullying relationship

bullying relationship
Affecting Young Minds –

One of the major reasons people tolerate being bullied is their childhood learning. It has played a vital role in why people endure bullying in a relationship. Some parents unconsciously teach their kids that they will scold you and be harsh if somebody loves you. Also, people develop the idea that a caring person would be invading privacy and taking over. Respect is the key element of any relationship, and once it’s gone, the rest becomes toxic torture.

Blindfolded by Love (Bullying relationship)

bullying relationship
The Hurtful Patches –

The term “love is blind” isn’t just a term; it has another level of meaning. Love becomes actually blind when an individual blindfolds themselves and completely trusts the decisions of their partner. There is a fragile line between trust and irrational dependence. When we love someone, we always end up forgiving them for holding on to the relationship. Therefore, the fear of letting go seems more painful to a dependent person than the bullying.

The fear of what happens next

bullying relationship
The Shadows of Future –

Another solid reason for people staying in such a relationship is that they have never imagined life any other way. Sometimes where the couple has kids usually, one partner would bear all the discomfort to hold the family together. They settle for everything just so their child can have a home and both parents together. To save their other relationships, they suffer. It’s not related to being professionally successful or not. Furthermore, some amazing achievers sometimes settle for a bully as a partner.

Not identifying that it’s a bullying relationship.

bullying relationship
Need to identify the Bully –

According to several pieces of research by mental health experts, the major problem is not reading the situation clearly. When a person is in a toxic relationship, they never figure out that it shouldn’t be acceptable. Sometimes people don’t even know what bullying is and how it can affect their well-being in the long run. Recognizing the signs of bullying is important to put a stop to toxic habits.

Low self-esteem

bullying relationship
Find the Strength Within –

A prevalent reason for tolerating bullies in life is low self-esteem. Lack of confidence is the barrier where people stop sharing their pain and become passive aggressive. Therefore, fear of not having a relationship again makes them put up quietly with a hurtful one.

Lastly, the reasons above are just a trailer to the human psychological complexities. Millions of people tolerate being bullied every second in their relationships, without even realizing it’s wrong. According to the studies, a person needs to analyze the situation and break the vicious cycle. The action can be verbal, gestural, or legal, depending on the severity of the situation. In conclusion, there is a fragile line between perseverance and putting up with a bullying relationship.

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