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Knowing something is weird from the start is a sign that there might be a problem. If you ended up here most likely you are dating a psychopath. Here are the top 5 signs you are dating a crazy guy.

  1. Extreme or Excessive Flattery It is normal for a guy to be amazed by a unique quality and speak how he feels about it. If the flattery is non-stop or excessive, there might be some loose marbles in there. Psychopaths move at a very quick pace. He will put you up on a pedestal and tell you everything you want to hear. In this phase, he will get you hooked and once you are locked in, the flattery may abruptly come to a halt.  
  2. Pity Party Pity parties are the quickest way for a guy to get emotion from you. If he says something like his relative is sick, he hurt himself or someone hurt him emotionally, these are signs for you to run and not look back.
  3. He is Just Like You Psychopaths will try any and every way to convince you that you were destined to be together by making it seem like he has many of the same interests as you. Take note of the even the small things like the same favorite animal or school subject.
  4. Moving too Fast Obviously if he asks you to marry him before the first date, that is a huge red flag. Even subtle remarks about marriage, moving in, and kids that go beyond the norm is a red flag. Him showing up at your house without notice or without you ever giving him your address is definitely a sign to cut him loose.
  5. Past Relationship Had Bad Ending/Name Calling Exes How the last relationship ended is a huge factor in knowing if this man is crazy or not. Also, If he calls any of his exes hoes, sluts, and other names, that is a sign to locate the exit. Remember, these same things will be said about you if you guys end up separating.
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