5 Steps to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze… We all need the last one!

With welcoming in the warmer weather, we gladly welcome shorter sleeves, shorter dresses, and open-toed shoes. With this wardrobe transition comes one very important step: spring cleaning. We love the idea of a fresh start: clean
closet, no extra clutter around the house, and new decor. However, the idea of spending a day sorting, dusting, and throwing away does not sound that appealing. Here are a few simple steps to get you started, and get you sorted:

1. Start small– Trying to take on the whole house/apartment at one time can be intimidating for anybody. Start small by promising to organize your bedroom. Clean your desk area (We all know you’re not going to get any work done if it’s still covered in clutter). Go through the desk drawers and throw out anything you no longer need: receipts, reminders, and to do lists that you never got around to completing. To get your work area organized and ready for a fresh spring start, buy
organizers! Store loose papers in a file or folder that have clear labels to remind you what’s inside. Put all of your pencils and pens in a cute pencil holder, and make sure you have a stationary set for when you need to write a quick notes, or scratch out a to-do list. All desk essentials can be purchased at the dollar store, or you can find cute desk sets in Target’s dollar section.

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2. Stop hoarding “sentimental” pieces in your closet- Don’t feel bad, we all do it. Follow the rule of thumb that if you haven’t worn
it/fit in the piece in the last year, it’s time to part ways. Wedding dresses, prom dresses, and first date outfits could all find a new
owner who will get more use out of it than the shelf on your closet will. Donate to Goodwill, or give these pieces to a friend or
family member who may be able to get use out of it. Make three piles: Keep, Discard, and 5 (limit it to 5) pieces that may get
limited use, or may fit in the next year. We all need that extra motivation to get back to the gym, but let’s not get crazy.

3. Next, move on to the other rooms in your house: organize kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Throw away expired food and
medications, and rearrange the remaining contents in a neat fashion.

4. Lastly, the biggest aspect of spring cleaning, which is an obvious one: a thorough cleaning. How many of us give our house a
thorough cleaning talking dust, mop, vacuum) more than when we’re expecting guests to stay over? Uhh, yea,
thought so. Say good-bye to those dust-mites that have been hanging around long-term throughout the winter. Put on some tunes, and dust, Polish, Mop, and Vacuum everything. You’ll feel better afterwards, trust!

5. Every year during the course of spring cleaning, the last but not the least action that you should take is to evaluate the place that you are currently in your life. Are you stagnant, or perhaps stuck in a position that isn’t making you totally happy? Are you keeping around negative friends that do nothing but bring you down? Devise a plan! It’s a new season, devise a plan to get you that promotion that you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t keep negative people in your life, because that does nothing for you, except bring you negative energy, and eventually works its way into your own train of thought.

Happy Spring and Happy Cleaning!

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