5 Things to Buy Used

Buy this or that? Is used better or new? New things matter in uplifting both mood and lifestyle. However, does it really make sense to buy something new when you can get a gently used version? Pre-owned items can offer big savings and often are almost as good as brand new. Here are 19 things that you should buy pre-owned instead of new.


Clothing | Pexels

You don’t need to buy new clothes or shoes at full price. In fact, we should probably use your next clothing purchase instead of new. Instead of spending $150 on a shirt that you’ll wear only once, consider buying gently used dress shirts for half the cost. Refurbished running shoes can save up to 50 percent of retail prices while offering a great fit and feel, according to Runner’s World. And don’t forget about eBay, which has an entire section dedicated to second-hand clothing items such as heels and sneakers. You could find what you want there for pennies, literally!

Sneakers and High Heels

High Heels and Snickers | Pexels

If you are a lady with hurt feet, shoes can be expensive. You need high-heeled shoes or sneakers to wear at work or going out on weekends. Instead of buying an extra pair, buy at least 3 pairs of second-hand ones for the price you would pay for 1 pair. That way, if one breaks down, you have more options for a replacement! And why stop there? If you’re into fashion and trends and not budget-conscious, then this is not the right article to read because it shows that one can look chic without spending too much money. I’m just saying that people who do not care about being trendy will never know about this info, but they don’t really have to since everything has been so overpriced so long.

Hand Tools

Hand Tools | Pexels

There are some tools that you might not use frequently, but when you need them, it’s hard to find a good deal on them. For example, if you’re handy around the house and have to fix something periodically, it may make more sense to buy pre-owned tools instead of new ones. You can save up to 50 percent off retail prices by purchasing items like drills, power saws, and other hardware tools used. Sites such as Craigslist or eBay offer individuals selling their old equipment who don’t really care about getting a lot for them. That way, they will sell for much cheaper than at big box stores or product websites such as Amazon.

Things With lifetime Warranty

Things With Life-time Warranty | Pexel

When you buy new, you’re often paying for the warranty that comes with it. Warranties can add hundreds of dollars to the price, but if a product has a lifetime warranty and is still being sold used, then it may be worth looking into whether to buy pre-owned. For example, an iPhone 6S Plus 64 GB version’s cost is $749 on AT&T’s website. But last September 2015, there was a guy selling his “like new” AT&T model in mint condition for only $250. He might have bought 2 brand-new ones and kept one as spare or he might have lost his first job within days after getting his phone (if so then he probably filed a claim), or maybe he just didn’t like it but didn’t want to sell it cheap either. But why pay $749 when you can get a pristine one for only $250?

However, I would still buy the brand new one if I plan on keeping the phone at least until my contract ends because some people break their phones within the first few days, and then they have no choice but to trade in their original (and now damaged) iPhones with Apple.

Exercise Machine

Exercise Machines | Pexels

There are some pieces of exercise equipment that you can buy pre-owned at a steep discount. Your best bet is to check out your local Craigslist or eBay for deals on high-quality treadmills, ellipticals, and other equipment. Most sellers will sell them for 50 percent or cheaper than retail prices because they just want to get rid of them fast. For example, one person was selling an elliptical machine with a five-star review from Decathlon (featuring the same great warranty) for $250 less than anywhere else. When it comes to weights, you don’t have to make as many compromises on price since dumbbells tend not to break down often, so they are easier and cheaper to repair if/when necessary. If you’re not comfortable buying a used dumbbell, then I suggest investing in an adjustable version instead.

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