Avoiding a Fall

Falling off is one of life’s greatest fears especially when you are over 50s. Despite our never-ending fears of terror attacks, pandemics as Ebola and Covid, yet research shows that there’s a good number of 646,000 people dying worldwide just from falling. Some people get killed instantly upon falling. After car accidents, falls are considered the second greatest cause that takes away lives from injury.

Moreover, most falls are significant enough to cause medical attention. According to a reliable source, a good number of 37.3 million falls are categorized as serious falls which have required medical attention. Although the elderly population with fragile bones needs to take extra care to avoid a fall, they may not be the biggest risk groups to injure in a fall. Recent research showed that more people in the age group 18-44 were prone to get injured from falls than the aged population.

However, falling is possible anywhere, anytime. One of the unfortunate events of falls includes falling from heights outdoors as falling from rooftops or cliffs. However, bathroom falls, supermarket aisles and staircases are not to be underestimated too. Any kind of fall, including a tumble out of bed, can change your life entirely. Hence, falling can take someone’s health from robust to gravely ill. This is one reason why many health institutions now encourage people to be cautious at all times and to prepare for a fall. Preparing for any kind of fall can minimize injury-causing less harm or damage to one’s self.

According to the experts, falling has to be looked at as an inevitable daily challenge. This means you will have to train yourself to face this inevitable challenge of falling. The outcomes may be surprisingly favorable once you’ve trained yourself well. Mostly, it’s not the fall that do you much harm, it’s that stops at the bottom. Hence, learning a few tricks to fall well can save you from serious danger.

This article looks into five easy preventive measures so as to make an individual’s knowledge increased on falling anywhere. These few tricks would reduce and prevent harm from the split-second as you start falling. Most of them are just common sense but some individuals really do need a heads up on these to avoid a dangerous situation. However, a few of the below suggestions may require practicing or a bit of training to get on track. Despite your steadiness on your feet, these tricks can come in handy sometimes in life.

Be Cautious in Ordinary Places

Being Cautious in Ordinary Places | Pexels

Sometimes it’s just the ordinary places that you’ve been around most years of your life that can get you. Every day is different. Yesterday could have been easy but today might not be. This is why it is extremely important to watch where you are going. Try to avoid reading while walking, or using your phone while walking. Handrails are designed for a purpose. It is not only for the weak, it is for everyone. Always and always hold on to handrails for support and to make sure you have grip and that there’s something to hold on to in case a fall happens. Especially if your walk involves a staircase, do not hesitate to go by the handrails.

One more thing to avoid is having your hands in your pocket. At the time of falling, if your hands happen to be in your pocket, you will have a hard time regaining your balance as it may reduce the ability to regain your balance when you stumble. Another way how your balance can be thrown off is by holding on to a heavy suitcase or backpack. Try opting out for a suitcase with wheels. Hence, it is extremely important to be cautious about where you are, even in the most ordinary places.

Preparing your Environment

Preparing your Environment | Pexels

Preventive measures for an anti-fall environment are extremely vital. Making sure members of the family including you have a safe environment should be your focus. Falling off irrespective of how minor it may seem should be avoided or prevented. A great remedy is to start off by preparing your environment. For this, you may have to secure any loose rugs or remove them altogether if their presence is disturbing.

Teach and train even the children in the house to clean up any spills immediately. This way, everyone will be taking part in contributing to preparing the environment at all times. Moreover, try and light up both tops and bottoms of any staircase there may be to avoid tripping and stumbling. Additionally, you can install safety bars where necessary. This way anyone can grab them to avoid falling. It is suggested to take down any traction strips in the showers.

If your house is somewhat smooth and slippery as marble floors, try to implement a solution. For instance, you can use an anti-slip coating to avoid falling. Ideally, check and install permanent mats that aren’t moving and stable to avoid slipping over them. There are more than enough in-house tricks that are similar to the above to come up with to keep your environment ready and supportive.

Improving your Gear

Improving Gear | Pexels

When you are indoors, always try wearing sandals or slippers that have a proper grip. It’s no secret that some of us have slipped now and then due to worn-out soles of slippers or sandals. When you are outside, it is ideal to try and improve your gear. This means you can invest in a pair of good shoes with tread. Make no mistake that such an investment is going to be a life savior. Try avoiding slippery surfaces if you come across any while in your heels. Do not try taking shortcuts when you are on your heels as shortcuts will tend to rush your walks. This rush could make things worse and especially with heels on you will have very little chance to avoid a fall.

If you are outdoors cycling, skiing or skateboarding never ever forget your helmet. Helmets are specifically designed to safeguard your skull and minimize head injuries during a fall. If you think you do not have anyone to support you when you are outdoors and you could really use some help, train yourself to rely on a walking stick or a cane if you do not have a walker. A walking stick can come in handy even when you are enjoying a hike.

Those with hearing loss are more prone to enduring physical imbalance. Hence, if you are one of those who suffer from hearing loss, you may be at a higher risk of falling or losing your balance. Try getting yourself a hearing aid to protect yourself from falling out of balance. Those who’ve had hearing aids were more off-balance than those who didn’t, says the HEaring Research Center in Texas.

If you fall, always protect your head

Protecting your Head | Pexels

Sometimes, no matter what you do to prevent a fall from happening, it will not work out. In a situation like this, all you can do is practice a safe landing technique. This way, you will be able to minimize damage while falling. Therefore, when you are falling, try protecting your head first. Trainers encourage and suggest people to not fall straight forward or backward for safety.  What you should focus on is to roll on your body letting the fleshy part of your body take over while protecting your bones.

During a fall, never try to land on your back as this can have serious injuries to your tailbone and the spine. Always try to let the weight be distributed on the calves and thighs and let your body roll over more than landing over.

In conclusion, you must avoid falling, taking precautions and preventive measures to stop a fall at a cost. However, if you still happen to face an unfortunate falling incident, the best technique is to avoid landing on your back and roll over as much as possible. Moreover, try listening to your body. Avoid consuming things as alcohol and drugs which can lead to off-balance. However, if you are on medications that may make you dizzy, it would be wise to let it pass and then step outside to be in a place.

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