6 Extremely Effective HIIT Workouts for Men 


HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training workout has been a trendy routine for some time. This method of exercising allows a resting period post an intense workout movement. This kind is among the best workout options available for men who seek some shredding. A HIIT workout involves the repetition of smaller sets of workouts multiple times. Hence, the simplicity will keep you away from facing complicated choreography. 

Moreover, the workouts can be altered or modified to match your rhythm. Although some HIIT workouts require equipment most others don’t. This apartment-friendly workout plan allows you to practice without the struggle as it doesn’t include any jumping movements. Finally, the HIIT workout plan lets you shed more pounds by burning plenty of calories just within a short span while also raising your heart rate. With this extremely effective workout plan, you will only have to spend 30 minutes a day a couple of times a week, and that would do the trick. Isn’t it amazing?

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HIIT Treadmill Sprints

For those who love working out on the treadmill, it would be a great idea to match it to a HIIT session by including your regular run in your new  HIIT workout. Regular sessions of treadmill sprints are therefore a great workout option available. This session includes a customized workout to suit your rhythm along with timed intervals treadmill and speed.

This workout will be one to raise your heart rate while pumping blood. The treadmill sprints in the HIIT workout program ensure avoiding injury and let you perform your best with an excellent warm-up program before you get on the treadmill. With treadmill sprints, there is no chance for any cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, it will ensure you are in great shape by losing the unwanted fat in your body and maintaining overall fitness. However, it is important to bear in mind to increase difficulty after working out on a speed number at least for 3 weeks. This way you will avoid complications. 

HIIT at Home

With the never-ending pandemic, working out in a gym may be quite the challenge. Hence, taking this workout to your home space would not only make you at ease but also let you repeat as much as you desire. When trying at home you can include a program as THENX which can be the case even for a beginner. This workout will also incorporate your ABS. These routine exercises can be added two to three times a week for a healthier heart and cardiovascular fitness.

Further, THENX app can guide you into shaping you up by burning more calories. Moreover, trying more repetitions of this session at home will elevate your endurance. The session includes eight exercises that will carry on for around 45 seconds in total. You will have 15 seconds of rest time after every set. The eight exercises include ins and outs, star crunches, burpees, bicycles, high knee taps, leg raises, and planks. Your workout would be complete when you repeat the above set of 8 exercises three times. 

30- Minute Cardio Workout at Home

This HIIT exercise by Lita Lewis is an amazing cardio workout with warm-ups. This workout circuit involves two circuits to repeat in three rounds. This no-equipment workout session suits any circumstance and can be performed anywhere that suits you. To start with, you will require putting in your full energy for warming up.

The exceptional warming session in this workout will contribute to raising your blood pump. This full-body workout will include steps as, star jump, power jacks, fast feet, high knees, and toe taps. Each step will take 45 seconds. Upon performing all the above steps you get to rest for another 45 seconds before you start repeating the above session. You will be required to repeat the sets of exercises 3 times followed by resting intervals. To end the session, you can include a soothing stretch along with gentle moves to cool off and lower your heart rate back while also assisting in recovering your muscles. 

Low Impact Intense Full-Body Workout

This 45-minute low-impact workout doesn’t necessarily have to be low intensity. This HIIT home workout is definitely a high-intensity low impact workout to get your body back in shape. This convenient workout is designed to fit for those who live in accommodations like apartments and for those who are suffering from joint pains. This means, there will be less struggle as there will be no jumping involved in the session that may make your neighbor inquisitive.

Moreover, this set of exercises will not cause any pains to your limbs or increase any discomfort. All you will need to perform this full-body workout is a set of dumbbells and an exercising mat. This workout will include four circuits that target your whole body. The variety of exercises are designed to burn out fat while also targeting abs. Hence, this would be a perfect plan even if you are extremely lazy at working out as you will enjoy most of it. 

10-Minute Interval Sprint Workout

These high-intensity sprints are a great deal for those who are always on the run. A 10-minute intense workout with an interval is an ideal way to lose your body fat quickly. However, this 10-minute interval sprint workout best suits athletes, runners, and those with a trained heart rate of 50 or low when resting. The session involves strenuous and steady exercising techniques that fit the fit. However, if you are a beginner and plan on training yourself for perfection, this workout would be of interest.

The workout will initially begin with a four-minute warm-up that will include stretching your muscles and firing them up for the main workout. The most preferred combinations during this warm-up are butt kicks, high knees, lunges, leg swings, and hip openers. Next, you will move on to 100-meter sprints where you will carry on for 13 lots followed by an interval of 25 seconds. Depending on the kind of track you are working on, you can try out up and back lapses. Further, this type of HIIT workout is excellent for losing fat and improving endurance in athletes. 

Brutal HIIT Home Workout

This set of workouts can be termed as a “Metabolic Tornado”. One thing about this workout is that you’ll know from the very first day that you sure are going to get shredded. This no-equipment workout session targets the full body by using your body weight as the tool. Moreover, every round gets harder and harder until you feel it to your core. The workout includes a set of five exercises that require repeating. Further, Brutal workout is not like the rest of the HIIT workouts. This means this workout allows very little resting time making it quite challenging. However, the challenge is extremely worth it after a period of time making you feel proud of your body.

To begin with, round one will have a workout for 30 seconds allowing you to rest for an equal amount of time. The second round is a workout for 40 seconds while the resting time is decreased to 20 while the third will be 45 seconds workout and 15 seconds resting.  At the end of the day, you may feel drained and ripped, but that’s all going to be worth it. This HIIT workout will be sure to give you one lean physique. 

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