Understand and Cope Emotions- A full range of emotions

How important is Emotional Regulation for a child to learn and grow? Emotional Regulation is the key to develop workable learning situations, and a balanced mindset. Sometimes, people do not even realize that they face difficulty in coping with some emotions. The reactions may hurt them or others. Emotional Regulation is understanding and dealing with emotions positively.

emotional regulation
Kids need support coping with emotions

Moreover, mental health experts observe the importance of effective Emotional Regulation in children. Equipping children with better coping strategies can make their lives easier. Therefore, being able to regulate themselves, children can gain balanced personalities, learn well and form healthy relationships.

Here is a list of some popular Emotional Regulation tools and learning supports to help parents and children:

1. Understanding The Emotional Regulation As Energy Levels

Energy Level Up Level Down – Free resources by autismlevelup.com

Powering Up And Down Emotions tool is available at the official site by Autism Level Up. It is a great resource to understand the energy levels. Every emotion has a different energy level. Children need to match their energy level according to the situation. Therefore, the change of energy level helps in staying regulated and well engaged.

2. Yo Re Mi App

Yo Re Mi is an app that uses sensory calming strategies as a tool to augment Emotional Regulation. Even the toddlers respond really well to simple yoga techniques combined with music. The app includes yoga and mindfulness education through affordable classes. They have a proper curriculum based on research and expert input. Finally, they aim to support a child’s emotional health.

Emotional regulation
Yo Re Mi App- for regulation strategies

3. Online Emotion Coaching – The Heart Of Parenting

Emotion Coaching – The Heart of Parenting is a great platform. They are offering a proper 5-step plan to develop emotional intelligence. They provide an easy-to-learn program that parents and teachers can implement. This coaching plan is also a great way to teach children about rational and positive responses to each emotion. The five steps essentially include recognizing emotions accompanied by some practical strategies. The program supports parents through an online workshop by Dr. John and Julie Gottman. Furthermore, there is a reference printable handout for better understanding.

Emotional Regulation
Emotion Coaching: The Heart of Parenting – Online – $59.00 — The Gottman Institute – www.gottman.com

4. Therapist Aid-Providing Free Emotional Regulation Resources

This platform shares free downloadable tools that are exceptionally clear for understanding and regulating emotions. One of the most fantastic resources is the Emotion Thermometer, which can be printed and used daily. Additionally, the thermometer is a kind of scale that helps gauge emotions from sadness to excitement and even fury.

Emotional Regulation
Emotion Thermometer – free resource at therapistaid.com

Color coding assigned to the emotions helps the children relate to emotions visually and easily. The other printout tool is Emotion Faces, which parents can use to create an emotion board for children. Moreover, kids can even use the cutouts to make an emotion journal.

5. Emotional Regulation Activity Book

This book is a comprehensive toolkit to develop emotional intelligence in children. The aim is to provide comprehensive regulation strategies so that the kids can self-regulate. Children must learn to cope with intensely emotional situations and respond healthily. Moreover, many experts contributed to the designing of this book and are full of engaging activities.

Emotional Intelligence for Kids: Emotions toolkit,Feelings, Self-regulation, Effective Communication, Activity Book – by Iam Guru Kid – $12.05- amazon.com

This Emotional Regulation Toolkit has many objectives, such as providing appropriate emotion vocabulary and developing empathy. Some activities focus on practicing mindfulness and positive affirmations to cope with negative emotions. Overall, the book supports better social communication as the children learn to cope with emotional dysregulation.

6. When My Worries Get Too Big!

The bestselling and evidence-based book by Kari Dunn Buron is a perfect illustration of how kids may think and feel. There are straightforward suggestions of how to read emotions and cope with them. The concept of Emotional Regulation is amazingly illustrated in “When My Worries Get Too Big!”. In addition, there are emotion scales and templates to use with children at home.

Emotional Regulation
When My Worries Get Too Big! by Kari Dunn Buron –

Final Word

There is no specific tool that is the perfect solution for emotion related concerns. A combination of two or more tools can be effective depending on the needs and challenges of a child. Emotional Regulation is a significant step in developing personality, learning, and gaining long-term relationships. In conclusion, the real aim of Emotional Regulation tools is that children eventually learn to self-regulate.

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