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Everyone has a fear about moving away from home -more so in the sense of at least moving 100 miles away if you’ve never lived on your own before. These days, living on your own constitutes a different story than it may have had about a decade ago. Sure, there are new means of communicating and getting somewhere faster, but the gist of the worry lays in the financial and sentimental aspects. However, sometimes these doubts and fears are the only thing standing in your way. To suggest that there is a way to move – at least to a different state- is possibly easier said than done, but it is doable. There are just some concerns you need to get out of your head before taking that initial step.

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1. Your first thought is probably that, not only do you need a job in the place you move to, but it will need to pay enough for rent. With the economy being as it is and jobs not as easily available, people are finding it harder to leave the security of home. Think about it this way, wherever you live, you will need to get a job anyway; save up a little money with a job where you live now and secure enough for a few months rent when you decide to move. Your job searches and applications should nonetheless be geared toward your new home. More so, some companies may even help you with finding a home.

2. You wonder about where a good, and more importantly safe, place is to live that is also affordable. A place to live and who, if anyone, you will live with is exciting and petrifying. There should not be too much concern placed on this aspect of moving since there are so many mediums available that can help you out immensely. You can easily chat with people that are from the area, or find a website or blog that unravels a great amount of details about neighborhoods, homes and potential roommates.

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3. If you are close to your family and have never lived far away from home, they will be a huge impact on what you decide to do. Understand that you will have to move out eventually and, when it comes to family, they will always be there for you regardless of where you move. Sure enough, they would not want to be the reason why you do not pursue your desires.

4. You have a good amount of quality friends, so you think about the effects that distance will have. In this case, realize that everyone has their own path; if it’s not you moving away, it may be another friend. This is the time when things like careers and starting new families will change the dynamic of friendships, which does not have to be in a negative way. If your friendship is strong, than there is nothing to worry about.

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5. Thoughts about being lonely and not knowing anybody creep into your head. No one wants to be alone in an unfamiliar place, yet this is an opportunity to have an adventure that is your own. You will discover places, meet new people, and most importantly learn more about yourself and the things you are capable of.

6. Your questions begin to include the smaller things like, what will you do with all of your stuff.
There is an answer to this and it largely promotes the idea that, where there is a will there is a way. Moving companies, renting a U-Haul truck, or other methods are now available to help you move. People have been moving across the land for centuries and with much less assistance than what you have now. So stop looking for excuses.


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