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Many countries offer attractive natural assets or something amazing as local cuisine, architecture, and much more. However, some countries are with exceptional beauty. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Europe holds high with 12 of the most exquisite countries that lure in visitors from across the globe. Asia and the Pacific, however, include 5 popular destinations in the list and surprisingly expanding. 

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  • Poland
Old Town  | Pixabay Images

For those who seek a crowd-less European panache, Poland is the catch! Unlike in most other European destinations as Germany, Italy, and France, this country in Central Europe is extremely peaceful and calm. Enriched with Jewish heritage, Poland offers an eminent history to amusement. With the castles from medieval times, the country makes sure to keep its’ visitors glued. 

Moreover, 16 unique attractions considered UNESCO world heritage, there’s much to learn about Poland. Despite one being a classical music freak or a science nerd, Poland has much to offer. The unmatched Polish is cuisine one not to miss. Attractions in Poland include the Old town, Muranow, Lazienki Krolewskie Park, Warsaw Rising Museum, Wilanow Palace Museum and Park, Zacheta- Art’s Gallery, Palace of Cultural and Science, and more.  

Above all the Auschwitz Birkenau museum narrates a tragic story about the 1.1 million lives who passed away at the camp. According to a survey conducted on travelers to Poland, 85% voted to return and highly praised and recommended the unseen beauty.

  • Portugal
Faro | Pixabay Images

This Southern European country that borders Spain is a major destination of attractions. In fact, influenced by its location in the Atlantic Ocean, the country offers scrumptious seafood delights specifically sardines and salt cod. Additionally, the country’s architecture dates back to the times of its maritime empire in the early 1800s. 

With their launched tourism plan in 2017, tourism in the country has flourished ever since and it’s a fast-growing tourism destination and one not to be missed. Moreover, the calming beaches, the castles running back through their memory lanes,  and the country’s safe surroundings invite tourists and travelers to enjoy an experience like never before. 

Above all the top sights in Portugal include the Park and National Palace of Pena, Capela dos Ossos, Navy Beach, Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery, Liveria Lello, Praca do Comercio, and the magical Ursa Beach among many others. The spectacular Ursa beach with its gorgeous blue waters from one side and the therapeutic magical sands on the other offers extreme relaxation. 

  • Netherlands
Lighthouse | Pixabay Images

For an impressive and thrilling tour experience, Netherlands is the ideal spot to plan for. This is one of the beautiful little countries that offer tourists extraordinary sights of rows and rows of windmills, never-ending fields of tulips, and incredible cities that boast about its culture and charm. Luckily touring around the Netherlands is just a short drive away from one city to another. 

There’s much more to discover than its’ capital city; Amsterdam. The country offers breathtaking scenery one could only dream of. Venice of the Netherlands is one charming place to visit as it’s incredibly romantic and attractive. Situated in Giethoorn, the area permits visitors to explore and discover via bike lanes or canals. Utrecht is one other city that permits tourists to enjoy and travel around cycling. This bike-friendly city of Utrecht has transformed its ancient Wharf cellars into a remarkable restaurant area where anyone could enjoy food and drinks at water level. 

A few such interesting places around the Netherlands include, De Hoge Veluwe National Park, Delft, Texel Island, Rotterdam, Kinderdijk, Thorn, and more. Kinderjik Elshout is a unique place as it’s considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site offers a unique site of bucolic landscapes and windmills.

  • Japan
Fushimi Inari Shrine | Pixabay Images

With increased travelers visiting Japan, the country has made it easy going for tourists. Japan must be on everyone’s bucket list to travel. From the tranquility of the bamboo forests to calming and peaceful temples, Japan stands proud. Additionally one might even feel that there’s no better place than Japan no earth, upon visiting. 

This is one of the unmissable countries that offers unique culinary delights. Japan tends to turn all heads with their hospitality being highly praised by most tourists. Moreover, anyone who lives or steps in Japan can enjoy their efficient traveling and transport system, enjoying the ease of travel. With everything best to offer the country invites tourists to spend some quality time any time of the year. 

Enriched with traditions and unique natural features, Japan offers a range of attractions to all. Thus the top places to visit in Japan include Kyoto, Tokyo, Takayama, Hakone, Kanazawa, Nikko, and much more. Nikko is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the mountains. Popular for its vibrant colors, the area offers abundant excursions as, Toshogu Shrine, Futarasan Jinja, Hiking up to the Takino Shrine, exploring Taiyuinbyo, and more. What’s not to miss in Japan is its cherry blossom season in April.

  • Austria
Alpine Mountains | Pixabay Images

This glorious destination stands high as No.1 in terms of per-capita tourism in European countries. Most specifically this truly is a gem of a country hidden in Europe. From natural, architectural to cultural attractions, this beauty offers much. With the country’s every corner offering immense beauty, Austria makes its visitors speechless. The breathtaking sceneries of the Central Alps with peaks of snow caps, the European musical scene, magical views, impressive architecture, and perfect cleanliness are a few reasons to travel to Austria among many. Indeed, Austria is considered one of the cleanest countries in the world. 

A few of the stunning and charming places to visit while you are in Austria include, Hochosterwitz castle, Krems, Eisrieseenwelt cave, Vienna state opera, Schafberg, Hohenwerfen castle, Zell am See, Seefeld in Tyrol, Grossglokner Alpine road, and more. The spectacular Alps offer its’ visitors a year-round experience in excursions; skiing in winter and hiking in the summer. Most others enjoy mountain biking around the alpine lakes.

  • Spain
Valencia | Pixabay Images

The incredibly scenic and relaxing beaches of Spain ensure a year-round tourism flow. The expansive country is often visited for its versatility of attractions. From traditions and customs to sophisticated luxuries, anyone can enjoy in Spain. The ones who appreciate and praise nature at its best will have a wondrous vacation in Spain. 

The Island life makes the country’s food remarkable and exquisite. The breathtaking beaches to meander while walking down memory lane will get anyone carried away instantly. However, the weird traditional festivals let people experience the weirdest things in life. Some include, celebrating a near-death experience in a coffin, stomping on tomatoes, or even burning large paper mache statues. Spain will be your dream come true if you praise photography for every street in Spain is with character. 

Moreover, their best weather, anyone who visits Spain can enjoy an extra dose of vitamin D while appreciating the stunning view of the sunset. Some of the great places of attractions in Spain are, La Concha, Cuenca, Ibiza, Mezquita of Cordoba, Alhambra, and more.

  • Turkey
Turkish Bath | Pixabay Images

Turkey is one of the countries that you should travel to at least once in your lifetime. Furthermore, the country’s serene beaches with crystal clear waters, ruins of ancient history, mountains that stand tall, and the huge cosmopolitan cities are sure to be contributing to inviting their visitors. The much talked Turkish Cuisine is indeed a dominating factor in tourism. The mouth-watering kebabs and Baklava is true heaven. 

Turkish beaches, Turkish baths, archeological sites, magnificent museums, nature’s wonders, and hospitality, in particular, take tourism to a whole new level. Aspendos Theatre, Patara beach, Pamukkale, Bodrum castle, Mount Nemrut, Goreme Fairy Chimneys, and Oludnize are hence among the many attractions in Turkey. 

In conclusion, above are some of the countries you might want to add to your bucket list to travel post quarantine and pandemic.

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