7 Bed Linen Ideas for a Luxury Looking Home

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Bed linen is an important area in home decor. Bed linen can be used for decoration in multiple areas of the house. Bed linen is becoming increasingly popular with interior designers for this reason.

Moreover, bed linen can elevate the look of your bedroom. Bed linen provides you with many options to choose from with design, patterns, size, and color.

Here are 7 Bed Linen Ideas to freshen up the decor in your home:

Ornate Bedding

Create a romantic or luxury look by adding ornate bedding to your room. Add an animal skin carpet, fairy lights above your bed for that special touch. If this is not enough, add fluffy cushions, fur throws, string lights around the window edge plus wait for it…a canopy over the top of your bed!

Hermes Style

A Hermes style should certainly be on your list if you are looking for luxury linens. This will comprise toile de Jouy wallpapers with gold trimmings. This look needs to be carried through into your linen.

The Bohemian Style

This is a luxury bed linen idea that will provide you with a flowered or patterned bedsheet. Add exciting cushions and throws for that Bohemian feel. If you want to take it further, why not fill some old jars with dried flowers, fairy lights around the window frame plus fringed cushion forms on easily accessible storage cubes or stands? For an even more bohemian twist, use different textures within your bedding. For example choose silk, sheepskin plus maybe even Moroccan rugs.


Black can transform any bedroom into an entirely new room. All you need is black bedsheets with contrasting accessories e.g. white, silver, gold, etc…


Adding stunning wallpapers onto your bedding can make a bold statement. Go for tropical, Moroccan, or even contemporary patterns. For an exotic feel add cushions made from bamboo plus a matching black and white rug to complete the look.

The Geometrical Design

This is a perfect bed linen idea that will take you back to those school days when you were doodling all over your pencil case. This style is quite basic yet stylish because of its sleek lines and shapes. Add modern accessories such as a sleek silver lamp plus geometric patterned or solid-colored cushions.

Traditional Style

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the ever so popular traditional style of bed linen, best associated with Victorian homes. This will go hand in hand with heavy drapes surrounding your bed, along with ornate candle holders on your bedside table. This look will be too much if you want to use this design in your bedroom. However, accessorizing the room with this concept can freshen up your home.

Whatever bed linen you are using, make sure it fits the room. Don’t go for a light pink if your room is blue. Balance your decor with accessories, contrasts, and textures to complete the look.

Our suggestions might be a little out there for some, however, we believe that everybody needs an area in their home where they feel comfortable and relaxed. Hope our bed linen suggestions will inspire you to freshen up your decor with a touch of luxury.

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