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Cereal is a highly popular source of breakfast in the world. But Why? Before we answer that, it is important to know why we must kickstart the day with breakfast. With the hectic lifestyles, people highly underestimate the power of breakfast. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. It breaks fast and lets you channel your daily energy requirements through it. This means a properly balanced breakfast is what lets you focus at work or at classes. Moreover,  a good breakfast assists in kickstarting your metabolism by helping you burn daily calories.

Why then do we tend to ignore it? Simply because of the complexity of the lifestyles of people. With busy daily schedules, people often make the huge mistake of ignoring or forgetting their breakfast by relying on some go-to snack. However, some of those who understand the value of breakfast have found ways to enjoy a healthy breakfast that’s also balancing and nutritious. Yes, this is where cereals come into the picture. Cereals are one great breakfast option to start off the day feeling full and energized.

Most cereals are extremely healthy but there are a few which offer the exact opposite. Hence, it is important to pick on the cereal brands with the right nutrients. This article will help you to pick on some of the best cereal brands in the world.

Be Natural

Be Natural | Pinterest

This is one of the best cereal brands offering plant-based breakfast solutions. The ingredients in the brand are organic and hence boast about not including any artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. The brand offers broad cereal options making it fit any mouth and heart. Their delicious breakfast cereal is extremely popular for its 5 whole grains. Some of their yummy options include 5 whole-grain flakes, cashew, almond, hazelnut, and coconut and pink lady apple, and flame raisin.

This inspirational breakfast cereal is natural and a healthy way of kickstarting the day. Some of the heartfelt ingredients included are whole grains, rice, oats, honey, barley malt extract, and wheat brain. The specialty coco-nutty granola lets you enjoy cereals at a whole new level. This means this particular option is designed to be enjoyed with coconut water instead of milk. What a health substitute!


Brookfarm is an award-winning breakfast cereal that has won many hearts. This brand of cereal boasts about delivering preservative-free quality produce. Brookfarm is also popular as real food that makes a difference both in our lifestyles and community. This cereal brand is an Australian-owned family business that also boasts of its macadamia farmland and the eucalyptus forest.

However, Brookfarm is one of the leading producers delivering gourmet foods like granola, muesli, macadamia oil, and corn snacks. Further, the brand’s Cranberry Macadamia muesli toast is a true crunchy treat to uplift your soul and make your day. Brookfarm’s winter specialty power porridge is ideal to keep yourself warm. Their winter porridge includes the healthiest ingredients as flaxseeds, amaranth, quinoa, and oats. For those who are strict on what goes in the mouth and always stick to keto, gluten-free, sugar-free, grain-free, and fruit-free breakfast cereals, Brookfarm has an answer to all your problems. Moreover, this cereal brand did well by introducing a recyclable soft plastic in their cereal packaging. This environment-friendly brand is definitely worth a try.


Carman’s | Pinterest

This committed cereal producer was founded in 1992. Ever since its owner Carolyn Creswell has been working hard to bring it up to international levels and standards. Today, the brand exports cereal to 32 countries globally marking success. With Carman’s, you will never run out of your breakfast choices. With a variety of ranges to indulge in, Carman’s makes sure you are served with the most nutritional cereal options ever.

Moreover, what’s better than enjoying a hot bowl of cereal packed with nuts and healthy grains to keep you energized throughout the day? With Carman’s, you can kickstart your day with some crunchy clusters or some granola to add to your yogurt. Enjoy a cereal bowl like never before.

Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch | Pinterest

This is a premium brand of cereal that offers breakfast options with all-natural ingredients. All of the brand’s cereals are extremely keto-friendly, grain-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free. The brand’s high-quality ingredients boast of a non-GMO blend of plant proteins and fibers that have been designed to optimize energy. Their blend of seven plant proteins and fibers is a great choice to promote your gut health while remaining fuller for a long. Artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors of any sort are considered alien to the brand’s reputation.

With much research, the brand now delivers the crunchiest cereal that is long-baked. Their crunch cereals are a popular breakfast source that keeps you full longer, burns more calories, prevents you from overeating, and boosts energy. Catalina Crunch’s tempting options include chocolate peanut butter, mint choco chip, honey graham, maple waffle, and chocolate banana. Hence, the brand will be sure to satisfy both your sweet and crunch tooth.

Farmer Jo

Farmer Jo | Pinterest

Delivering nothing but perfect recipes every time, Farmer Jo is one cereal brand to rely on. Popular as one of the best cereals ever, the brand satisfies porridge cravings for every season. With the right amount of crunch and the perfect blend of sweetness and nutrients, Farmer Jo is a healthy savior. There will be no more reasons to skip your breakfast with these tastiest and crunchiest cereal treats.

Moreover, their unique flavor combinations boast perfection. Make yourself a step healthier every time with their steaming bowl of cereal porridge. Hence, Farmer Jo gives you every reason to want them, eat them, and love them. Some of the brand’s range of popular cereal products include green apple muesli, burnt fig and almond baked muesli, honey granola with quinoa whole almonds, and paleo granola. Indulge in Farmer Jo’s really fancy granola breakfast and you’ll never want to skip breakfast again.

Freedom Foods

Freedom Food | Pinterest

Satisfying your dietary needs daily is no more a hassle with Freedom foods. With a range of options that cater to breakfast, snacking, and go-to, the brand has it all. With balanced formulas and high-quality ingredients, this brand of cereal is one to count on. Moreover, the nut and wheat-free formula of Freedom Foods delivers a unique mix of fibers and protein clusters with each of their products.

Further, the brand offers a bunch of healthy collections as, buckwheat and quinoa, multigrain and cranberry, ancient grains, muesli, barley protein clusters, barley apple, and sultana muesli, cranberry almond, and cinnamon muesli, hone bolts, choc boulders, berry coconut clusters, berry almonds, and more. With this cereal brand, you no longer have to worry about eating with intolerances and allergies. Moreover, these carefully tested cereal formulas with barley and prebiotic muesli are extremely healthy and will contribute to your overall gut health making you feel good every time.


Kellogg’s | Pinterest

This brand of cereal is one of the most creative brands ever. With thorough research, the brand keeps creating and innovating to deliver the healthiest cereal options ever. Moreover, Kellogg’s is older than most grown-ups and their experiences are what have paved the way to success. This brand’s cereals are extremely popular and it may be hard to find someone who hasn’t tried this cereal. With a dozen varieties of their portfolio Kellogg’s plans for more. Corn flakes, rice crisps, fruit loops, mini wheat. Kashi, special K, corn pops, Cracklin Oat Bran are some of their brands.

Further, some of their popular food varieties include granola banana nut, apple jacks jumbo Snax, chocolate crunch, apple cinnamon, french toast cereal, and more. Kellogg’s is one great cereal brand that caters to the nutritional needs of people across the globe.

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