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Elegant Summer Accessories

Accessories are quite the challenge, and yet they define us. This is why we need to wear the right accessories the right way. As some of the accessories bid farewell, some remained stylish looking gorgeous. Some accessories should stay back with the temperature rises, some accessories should stay back and only a selected few can remain in the summer spotlight. This article will highlight a few of the most elegant accessories to add to your wardrobe this summer.

  • Strappy Sandals
Sandals | Pixabay

Although most fashion trends follow a circle where they come and go, there’s one that has always remained stylish. Strappy sandals have been women’s favorite pieces to have in possession every season. A sleeky pair of sandals will make sure to elevate the overall look despite how boring your entire attire may be. This trend of sandals also makes sure to keep your legs look attractive while creating a unique silhouette. However, it is wise to pick on a sandal that you can move around in for some strappy sandals can get crappy. 

Try choosing bright colors, and classics for a more inspiring look. However, you can opt to wear traditional colors like brown, black, or white. Strappy sandals are a great option among the rest of the accessories that can elevate your basic look by adding a statement aura. Try owning a strappy sandal with a cushioned bed for more comfort. Leather straps would be an ideal choice when you are in jeans or a dress. Some of the strappy sandal suggestions for this summer would be superior straps, leather lace-ups, chunky sling blacks, fishermen sandals, and heeled sandals.

  • Clutches
Clutch | Pixabay

Clutches are all over and it is one of the accessories every woman should own. Clutches are also an important accessory to remain stylish. They make sure to suit any occasion. If you’ve been following the latest clutch trends, it is no longer an accessory to use during night events and functions. Clutches have made it to a point where every season adores the use of it. Especially the soft clutches, braided, and jute are fun to carry anytime during the summer. 

Depending on your preference, you may pick on a design of various stylish clutches available. This easy-to-carry accessory is with abundant space inside letting you throw in any bit and piece letting you eliminate any unnecessary items. These also make you look gorgeous and transform you into a style icon instantly. Some of the chic look summer clutches include mini clutch, woven tote, square clutch, circle leather, suede clutch, braided clutch, rattan clutch, and drawstring pouch satchel leather handle clutch, and a satin clutch. 

  • Head Bands
Head Band | Pixabay

Headbands have been the answer to most hair struggles. During summer, it’s every woman’s dream to keep hair off the face. Hair buns have contributed to the most part. However, it is impossible to cope with the ear line and the hair that disturbs your eyes and keeps you irritated as the temperature rises. Padded headbands are great on a bad hair day as well. 

It is also one of the fantastic accessories to be worn every day. Preferably, you can wear these bands at the center of the head or push back. This IT accessory offers plenty of designs to suit places and occasions. These also make it extremely convenient during the warmer seasons. Some of the trendy headbands for summer include crystal headband, bandanas, draped Alice headband, lightly padded headband, cloth headband, woven headband, wide headbands, and crochet headbands. 

  • Color Sunglasses Frames
Colorful Shade Frames | Pexels

One of the accessories you cannot do without during summer is sunglasses. These will not only protect your peepers but also add up to your summer attire. When the temperature hits high and you cannot look through the scorching light, it is these that come to your rescue. Hence, styling in them has always been a trend. Picking up on a stylish pair would be sometimes challenging depending on the shape of your face and features. However, if done right, it will instantly add drama to your attire and jazz it up. 

However, as much concerned you are about the shape of the lenses, you should also aim at a vibrant frame. A cool and ideal sunglasses frame will do a great deal by covering up most of your accessory requirements. That’s exactly what most of us would want on a hot summer day.  Try looking for something that features a bright outer while holding on to a traditional inner. Don’t doubt investing in a good pair as these timeless sunnies will make sure to keep your peeps out of the sunlight and in the spotlight throughout. 

  • Mask Necklaces
Chain Mask | Etsy Images

With the never-ending pandemic, there’s one accessory that trends and values more than the rest and that’s mask necklaces. These offer convenience while remaining stylish. The new trend is popular almost in every country hence, not adapting to it would seem odd especially during these times. This accessory attaches a chain to the mask so that in case you remove it, you wouldn’t have to bother about folding or holding or pushing them down your pockets. The practical trend is also a savior which is why you need to add these to your collection. 

The abundant chain designs make it quite the collection. However, try to pick on a chain that is simple and not gaudy for it can ruin your entire look. With half of the faces covered with masks, there are fewer reasons to dress up which is both boring and bothering. Hence the invention of the mask chain permits you to express a personal style. 

  • Foldable Hats
Summer Hat | Pexels

Packable and foldable hats are one thing that will not stay out of style. These hats are not only fashionable but also extremely protective. During warmer months and especially summer, hats act as vitals just as sunscreen. Not just that, your cute summer attire would be complete with a summer hat. Moreover, foldable hats offer a greater style option while making it convenient to pack up. Remember, sun hats can prevent age spots while controlling other damage. 

However, when picking up on the ideal sun hat, one should focus on getting a wide-brimmed hat. This way, your exposure to the sun will be lessened as the wide brims cover up the neck area as well as your ears. Baseball caps and straw hats however are unable to offer wide protection in comparison to wide-brimmed hats. 

Spending time outdoors is a great idea but adding accessories to your attire that will keep you out of those nasty UV rays is what you should aim for. Further, a straw hat could still work if it has a lining underneath. A few great summer hats include cotton foldable hats, lined foldable straw hats, natural linen brimmed summer hats, lined lace hats, and wide brim bucket hats.

  • Mochila Bag
Mochila Bags | Pixabay

These are an amazing collection where the bags are 100% handmade. These unique bags are authentic pieces that require around a month of knitting making them even more unique. Originated from Columbia, mochila bags are influenced by their tradition and recognized globally as a fine product by the indigenous women of the Wayuu tribe. 

These extremely convenient and comfortable bags are an excellent accompaniment to your shoulder. There are some pretty great choices to suit the summer spirit letting you squeeze in everything you’d need for the beach, or your next summer vacation stop. 

Mochila backpacks and side bags with their heavy straps make it ideal even to climb the tallest mountains. These colorful and shoulder hugging bags are fashionable and a perfect fit for your summer outfits. 

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