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Bars have been trending for so long now and have given birth to such a purpose. Bars have made sure that you can count on them to reserve you a spot where you can be yourself, and relax. With an abundance of new openings, it would be sometimes challenging knowing where to go. It would sometimes be a struggle to enjoy a relaxing drink if you have not experienced the tried and true. 

Hence, here we highlight the most established and mesmerizing bars in the world. These are not just any bar, these are the best you can rely on to enjoy that drink you’ve been waiting for! 

Cheers to the feeling!

  • Connaught Bar | London, UK
The Connaught | Pinterest

With a reputation like no other, Connaught is among the excellent bars that have reached the top without much effort. With an aim to deliver poise and purpose, Connaught has earned an unmatched reputation. The bar appears quite picturesque with the polished cubist interior frames. The impeccable hospitality of the staff is as tailored as the cocktails. Hence the service offered at Connaught is quite warm, attentive, and perfect. Connaught’s trolleys full of the best and the finest Dry Martinis’ in London continuously glide all across the room.  

The extremely sensible bar tailors and customizes everything to meet exquisite standards. The bar’s custom-designed blends as scotch and sherry mix called “Magentum” is distinct and addresses perfection. Moreover, Connaught also won the title, The world’s best bar and the best bar in Europe in 2020. 

  • Maybe Sammy, Sydney
Maybe Sammy | Pinterest

Despite its recent opening, maybe Sammy has won hearts through delivering an ultimate hospitality experience to their customers. This hotel-style unique bar offers big things and it started getting popular as the best bar in the neighborhoods of Sydney immediately after their opening. Better and great things are expected from this great bar. 

Maybe Sammy offers a drinking program with perfect balance and standard. Moreover, this extraordinarily visually appealing space also offers a cocktail experience that’s popular as “gold standard”. While offering excellent drinks, Maybe Sammy’s three European bartenders are perfecting the art of bar hospitality. With the bar’s biggest cocktail, “Too close for comfort” hitting success, more drinks with unusual ingredients are invented for perfection. Maybe Sammy is a bar to pay a visit to. 

  • Coa, HongKong
Coa | Facebook

Coa is the rising star of Hong Kong. The bar which is inspired by Mexican culture offers a space offers a drinking experience like no other. Moreover, the specialized bar is experienced with over 180 craft spirits that will get you carried away. With a variety of tempting distills, Coa makes its way to the top of the ladder. Further, while educating their guests on their varieties and options, Coa makes sure to uplift everyone in the room. 

What you shouldn’t miss at Coa is their stand-out cocktail menu. At Coa you’ll be sure to know that you are sipping on the unique. The cozy bar is with timeless charm and makes you feel like entering a whole new world. With spirits as tequila, mezcal, sotol, charanda, and more, everything adds up to a quality and unwinding atmosphere. Consider yourself lucky to have a reservation to feel relaxed like never before.

  •   High Five, Tokyo
High Five | Facebook

This bar of Japan which started up in 2008, has climbed up the ladder in no time. Moreover, High Five is among the most respectable bars in Japan. The bar made its way to the 50 best bars in the world back in 2011 and has been offering everything exemplary. Additionally, this bar is decorative and charming to the core, and once you enter you’d want to extend your stay. 

The founder of High Five, who’s also a bartender is an expert at customizing cocktail varieties. Hence the great variety of amusing cocktails at the bar. The bar is one without a reservation system. A seat at the bar is costly and challenging. However never disappointing, they say. The highly trained staff at High Five are also masters of entertainment and hospitality. Customers at High Five get to enjoy the finest and freshest seasonal fruits along with quality Japanese spirits. 

Whiskey is served with carved ice diamonds, making each drink more satisfying and appealing. High Five which is the legendary bar of Tokyo is classic, and timeless to the very end. Don’t step out without sipping the bar’s specialty cocktail, “Hunter”.

  • Galaxy Bar, Dubai
Galaxy Bar | Facebook

Galaxy bar lets all its guests enjoy an unmatched drink under the stars. Located in the heart of Dubai, the Galaxy bar offers much from customized drinks and quality staff to high-end designed spaces. Furthermore, with a Middle-Eastern culture, the bar lacks nothing. The breathtaking interior of the bar as the heavy velvet drapes and the terrazzo floor all add up to subtle style and extravagance. The starry ceiling and a back bar with glittery marbles are quite a night feast for all. 

The bar gives out an experience as if stepping into a private universe of space. Established back in February 2019, the Galaxy bar has exceeded every bar standard making it to the top. Moreover, the inspiring drinks program would want every guest who steps in to extend their stay. Hence, it is one of the great places with good vibes and amazing music to socialize while enjoying a great combination of drinks. 

  • Katana Kitten, USA
Kattana Kitten | Facebook

Kattana Kitten is one of the coolest that’s Japanese-inspired. Masahiro Urashido, the founder of Kattana Kitten follows a lovable Japanese concept that directs towards its success. Upholding perfect balance both in good vibes and drinks, the bar is everything you’d wish for to chill and relax. 

Uroshido has also invented some complex and unusual mixes that take you to a whole new world along with shortlisted cocktails. The exciting signature cocktails will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Further, the Japanese-American hospitality at Kattana Kitten is one that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Presidente, Argentina
Presidente | Facebook

As you enter Presidente, you will be sure to feel the special aura that’s inviting and welcoming you for a magical night. At Presidente, you will know that you are at that special place you’ve always wanted to be. The bar which is located in the cosmopolitan streets of the Recoletta neighborhood will create a magical night like never before. The subtle style at the stunning space in Presidente is a great way to unwind and re-connect yourself. 

The back-lit bar glows throughout along with the rest of the perfect interior as the hanging chandeliers, and high ceilings. With an amazing collection of drinks, the vibes are continuous, and make sure never to drop. Moreover, with a cocktail menu, you’ve never heard of, the night gets even better. The best about Presidente is that each cocktail that sells pays homage to Argentina’s nature which was a victim of the wildfires in 2020. Presidente’s specialty, “Pine Not Dead’ is a sour scotch with perfect balance. Don’t forget to visit this mesmerizing bar when in Argentina. 

In conclusion, the above are some of the ultimate destinations to experience the best cocktails in the world. Hence, plan out your next vacation at a destination where you can explore one of the above to add color and vibe to your stay. 

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