7 Reasons to Cut Your Wedding Budget in Half


1. Student Loans. The biggest reason for debt in the world today is due to student loans. Instead of spending your money on that big fairytale wedding that people won’t remember a year later, try using the money that you’ve saved to pay back your loans before they become more unbearable than they already are.

2. Buying a Home. Obviously you’ve got to have somewhere to live, and with that comes other necessities, like food and utilities, but in order to get closer to that ultimate goal of owning your own home, cutting of expenses has to start somewhere, why not your wedding budget?

Courtesy of Flickr/Diego da Silva
Flickr/Diego da Silva

3. Credit Card Debt. This can spiral out of control if you don’t take care of it as soon as possible. Save up more money to focus on digging yourself out of eternal debt.

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4. Children. If you want to have a family one day, it’s important to keep a separate pile of savings for them. Keep in mind that it isn’t just for their clothes and toiletries, but it could also serve as a small college fund for them as well!


5. Travels/Vacation. Many people would love to travel the world and enjoy some big vacations every now and then. If this is true, put your money to some good use and save up for a big trip around the world, or a fun summer cruise!

6. Owning a Business. This is one of the hardest things to break into because of the fact that you need a lot of money to invest into it. However, if you have the desire to be successful and have your own business, you will need a lot of money to hold the fort down while you’re working hard to get business moving smoothly.

7. Retiring Early. A great reason to have a lower budget wedding is for your retirement. More and more people are stuck at a point where they will have to work until the day they die because they do not have a retirement plan. Don’t let this be you; start saving today!


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