7 Things That Are Easier Said Than Done

There are tons of things you would like to do, plan on doing or friends suggest you should do. Many times, these aspirations make absolute sense and although they are all possible they seem to involve less effort when just spoken about. Without a doubt you have had experiences where you assume you can do an activity or reach a goal in a matter of hours or days but the idea turns out to be unexpectedly more complex. To assure that you are not alone in these conditions, here are 7 things that are easier said than done.

Get Over Him.
One of the most popular advice one receives from friends or self-made resolutions is to get over an ex. While this suggestion is understandable, it may be a lot to ask right after a break up. Allow yourself some time. It’s ok to have a mourning period. Then try keeping your mind busy with various activities, other goals and when the ex pops into your head think of all the things you are now free to do.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

Lay Off the Sweets.
Most people love sweets. Face it, they’re delicious. Its hard to just have one piece of chocolate when there are still several pieces staring straight at you. It’s believed that eating one sweet makes you crave more, so you’re basically letting yourself drown in a vicious -yet tasty- cycle. Saying “no” to a slice of cake, cup of ice-cream or chocolate chip cookie seems almost improbable.

Order the Salad Instead.
Some salads may be great tasting and preferred on certain occasions -but when you have a menu with so many incredible choices how do you choose just a salad. For certain meals, like at an Italian restaurant the salad is just the start of the feast. In such a case how do you just go for the caesar salad and ignore the lasagna and chicken parmesan? How do you avoid these magnificent carbs? It takes a lot of will power not to go for the best stuff on the menu because chances are, at most restaurants, the best stuff on there or fan favorites are the plates with the most calories. Not choosing pizza, burgers, pastas, burritos, steaks and other delectable carb loaded foods is an accomplishment not easily reached -especially on weekends, when eating at a restaurant or most notably when you’re on vacation. Vacation should be the exception to any diet. Maybe you should not put too many limits and it’ll work out better.

Workout Everyday.
Planning a work out is simple -you can have days and hours set, the cute workout clothes, the gym membership and of course the desire for a hot body. Seeing versus doing are two different things. You can picture the final product -the plump butt, flat tummy, strong arms-yet getting there requires motivation and the discipline to follow through. Working out every day or several days a week becomes tough especially if it requires you to wake up much earlier, after a long day of work; or when you rather be doing something else. But doable? -yes. The consistency is the challenging part.

Travel More.
Who doesn’t want to keep this intention. Traveling is by all means fun and adventurous but also requires money and time off from work. If you want to travel more you have to have the privilege of access to both.

Stop spending too much money on things you don’t need.
You don’t need to eat takeout every night. You don’t need the new iPhone -yours works perfectly well. You don’t need another pair of shoes. There sure are a lot of things you probably purchased in the last month that cost you a good deal of cash, yet you could have done without. Its even more difficult to resist when these things are on sale.

Take a break from your phone.
There was a time -maybe 10 to 15 years ago – that leaving your phone at home was not the end of the world. Today spending several hours away from your phone is seemingly undoable. This is particularly true for people who are very much working off their cell phones or the majority of people born after 1975. On this same note, taking a break from social media is another task that is seemingly easier said than done, especially when you are so used to constantly being on them all the time -thanks in large part to the phone that gives you access to them round the clock. Give living phone-free a try sometime -one entire day or 12 hours, with no phone -you might find it liberating.


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