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You may have fallen in love with your new home because of all of its charm and potential as a fixer-upper. However, when tackling renovations, you can get frustrated to the point that you want to tear down all of the walls and build an entirely new and modern home. Unfortunately, renovations can be a real hassle and really expensive. Therefore, the answer to your fixer-upper may not be an entire gut job, but rather a way to find a happy medium that mends both the contemporary and old world charm that attracted you to the house in the first place. With some inspiration from, here is a list of ways you can find a way to make your home new, while retaining its history.

1. Get your home inspected before you pick up a sledge hammer: It is mandatory to have your house inspected before you tackle renovations. The inspector will let you know exactly what you can add to your home or take down. This step is crucial to pay attention to because it will let you know exactly what you cannot get rid of—especially if you live in a historic home. Once you know what you are allowed to do, the planning can begin!


2. “Salvage material”: Here is where you would break out the furniture stains and polish! Saving old light fixtures or vintage furniture can add a feeling of warmth to your house because there is a sense of integrity. mentions, “Salvaged beam work and reclaimed interior doors also pack a big punch and add character.” So take a look at what’s already apart of your home and clean pieces up before you throw them out.


3. Have an accent wall of original wood or brick work: If you encounter a room that is filled with brick or is paneled with wood along all of the walls, then you may want to consider getting rid of most of it. But do not be afraid to keep one wall as a conversation piece. If you keep a brick wall, you can sand it a bit to make it more muted. You can also have sporadic shelves installed on it to create a pattern that is more modern.


4. “Maximize the impact of wood”: As notes, “Wood brings warmth and character that simply can’t be matched by any other material.” This is why dry walling throughout can make a room feel uninviting. You can paint over paneling, usually in white, for a sleeker look. Add dark furniture and you have a more contemporary space.


5. Paint over the molding: Sometimes a home can be overwhelmed by a particular molding. If this is the case, do not remove all of it. Instead, paint over them in white. By doing this, you can hide any scratches or weariness that could have happened over the years. Ultimately, you create a piece that looks like an extension of your home and not something that is out of place.


6. “Opt for muted hues”: “Earthy tones inspired by the island setting offer a timeless look.” Therefore, think of light teal and sandy colors to bring some light and relaxation into your room. Pairing such tranquil colors with more modern furniture and vintage pieces can impress your guests.


7. “Do not Skip the Details”: You can do extra research and actually find out what details your home can maintain from its historic design. adds, “Glass doorknobs add charm to the baths.” Minor vintage details can speak volumes.


Consider these renovation tips before you decide to make your house a blank slate. These tips will help you find a design plan that works best for you and maintain the integrity of the house. With these tips, you can actually show your guests why you fell in love with the house in the first place because the original details will be re-vamped for the contemporary world.


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