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Plants are life. In a perfect world, everyone would have a yard or two which they could lovingly tend to, but that isn’t the case for many people in urban environments these days. If you’re living in an apartment somewhere and don’t garden, then finding plants to bring into your home without leaving the city can be difficult and expensive. It’s important to have greenery in one’s environment, though (for both psychological and physical reasons) so maintaining green plants is still possible even if you’ll never own a backyard. This guide will help those interested in buying plants online instead of going to their local nursery find some great options among many online retailers.

Modern Sprouts

Modern Sprouts Images

Modern Sprout is one of the best places to buy plants online. It’s a site dedicated only to selling wholesale organic and sustainable products, so every plant sold there is grown organically. The variety available at Modern Sprout is amazing. Hundreds of different organically grown varieties are for sale on the site in many sizes and colors (including rare ones like marigolds). They carry many types of plants: flowers, herbs, shrubs; you name it! This company has definitely worked hard to become one of the premier destinations for buying plants online.

Spring Hill

Spring Hill Nursery Images

Spring Hill Nursery offers an impressive range of plants at very reasonable prices. It carries literally thousands of plants from all over the world, through most available types are native to US regions. The site is very user friendly and offers detailed information on each plant with “Learn More” links for more detail on various topics (like growing zone, sun/shade needs, water needs, etc.). Every flowering plant offered has a picture of it so you can know exactly what to expect. There is also a blog that frequently has great tips on planting and gardening. Spring Hill Nursery is definitely one of the best destinations if you’re interested in buying plants online.

Soil & Clay

Soil&Clay Images

Soil and Clay are one of the premier destinations for both indoor and outdoor plants. The selection offered is very impressive. Over 10,000 different products are available for sale there, including a vast variety of succulents (around 600 varieties). There’s no other site that comes close to Soil & Clay in terms of variety regarding that type of plant. The prices are also quite reasonable when compared to most other online nurseries/stores; as an example: Soil & Clay sells a 4″ Echeveria Succulent Plant for $2.50, while elsewhere you’ll typically pay at least twice that much.

Hirt’s Gardens

Hirt’s Garden Images

Hirt’s Gardens offers some unique selections from around the world. The plants offered are top quality and reasonable prices (they even have some rare varieties). They sell well-established plants; everything has been grown to be easily transplanted into your own garden or backyard–so you won’t need time to grow them from seeds. There’s a very wide variety available, including many that can be hard to find in the typical nursery, like moon carrot, tree collards, and other varieties of edible and medicinal herbs.


Bloomist Images is another site that’s worthy of mention for buying plants online. The variety available at is quite impressive. It carries over a thousand different plants, including many hard-to-find varieties (like pink monkey flower). They have all the typical options (flowers, herbs, etc.) but they also carry some unusual choices (reach green onion geophytes, for example). Prices vary depending on size and type, but overall this site offers higher quality plants than other sites at reasonable prices compared with most nurseries nearby where you can buy live plants. Their customer service is excellent as well (they even have a dedicated “Customer Service” email address which they answer). is definitely one of the best sites to order live plants online.

Lively Root

Live Plant Catalog (LPC) is an excellent site for ordering live plants online. They have a wide selection of hard-to-find varieties and higher quality specimens than you’ll typically find elsewhere, including some very rare plants, like the carnivorous plant Drosera capensis. Some of their prices are on the top end—as an example: LPC charges about $12 for 4″ pot size black sage plants, while other sites charge just $6 for such high-quality specimens. However, if you’re looking for something that’s difficult to find in your local nurseries, then this site may well be worth checking out.

Eden Project

Eden Project Images

Eden Gardens is a significant site for ordering live plants. It has a large and impressive selection of high-quality, healthy specimens. Eden Gardens offers nearly every type of plant that you could need: plants to attract butterflies or hummingbirds; edible (and non-edible) fruits & vegetables; trees & shrubs; flowering plants, etc. And they have an excellent guarantee policy as well. The prices are about average—: not the cheapest and not the most expensive. But overall this nursery offers some unique selections, especially for hard-to-find varieties like tree collards (only 3 nurseries offer this plant). So if you’re looking for something that’s fairly rare or you’re looking for something unique, then Eden Gardens may well be worth checking out.

The Spruce

The Spruce Images

Plants at Spruce, which is a wonderful site, enable ordering live plants. It has an impressive selection of high-quality, healthy specimens. They have plants to attract butterflies and hummingbirds; edible (and non-edible) fruits & vegetables; flowers and herbs; trees & shrubs. And they even offer some unique varieties that you can’t find elsewhere. Their prices tend towards the affordable end compared with other nurseries.

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