Things to do in Milan

Milan is already on your bucket list if you are a passionate traveler. Milan is a great tourist city in Italy that exposes us to a whole new culture letting us experience plenty of historical sites with museums and extreme ancient culture. The incomparable authenticity and style in Milan offer an array of exquisite experiences to all. 

Popular for fashion week and majestic duomo, Milan has plenty of things to do while in the city range as shopping to exploring Milan’s historic masterpieces. Let’s have a look at some unique things you can do in Milan. 

  • Shopping in the Fashion District
Fashion District | Pexels

There’s nothing as enjoying a shopping spree at the well-known Quadrilatero Della Moda fashion district in Milan. The high-end boutique district of Milan is among the best in the world. Montenapoleone, an upscale shopping street is popular as Europe’s third most expensive street. The elegant zone includes a blend of everything luxury and historical landmarks making the streets look more interesting. Despite the discouraging price tags, it’s still an extremely worthy visit while in Milan. The Quadrilatero Della Moda is at its best with happening events during the annual fashion week. 

  • Explore Castello Sforzesco
Castello Sforzesco | Pixabay

This ancient attraction in Milan dates back to 1450. The pre-existing Castello Sforzesco of Milan narrates a long historical tale of the Sforza family’s power. Despite Milan’s lack of interest in the castle, many tourists have embraced this ancient beauty over the years. Today it’s a majestic symbol enriched with the architecture of age that includes elements from the 15th century.  Adding to the interest, the artistic highlights are with the touch of the three magnificent artists; Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Andrea Mantegna. It would be such a waste if you missed out on this one.

  • ‘Last Supper’
Last Supper | Pixabay

This speechless masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci is located at the Convent of Santa Maria Delle Grazie. Leonardo’s ‘Last Supper’ which was completed back in the 15th century is one of the most popular and recognized paintings in the world. Surprisingly the wall it was painted on still stands safe and proud even after the bombing during world war 2. However, little of the original paintings is for viewing. A successful restoration project was carried out and brought some of the original details by Leonardo to light. 

However, one may be required to have planned well ahead to see this remarkable masterpiece in Milan. Moreover, only thirty visitors at a time will be allowed to see the painting. Additionally, the permitted time around the painting is fifteen minutes. Hiring a tour guide to get you in would be wise as it would be a challenge to get through the ticket office. 

  • Explore Torre Branca
Torre Branca | Festa Compleanno Images

Torre Branca by Gio Ponti is a permanent hexagonal design structure in Milan. With a height of 108.6 meters, Torre Branca lists as the 10th highest structure in the city of Milan. Reaching the top of Torre Branca is quite the struggle, however, consider yourself lucky if you manage to. Despite this major attraction being abandoned for decades, later in 2002, it was open for viewing after renovations. 

The popular design of Torre Branca which originated in 1933 was made out of special steel pipes. However, one can reach the top of the Torre Branca with the modern elevator and would take less than a minute. Reaching the top would let you admire the endless beauty of a whole city.

  • Tour around Lake Como
Lake Como | Pixabay

Lake Como is one of the breathtaking attractions in Milan. the stunning regions comprise an endless aura making you want to extend your stay. The ferry trips to Como are absolutely amazing and beyond explanation. The plenty of options to indulge yourself in and around Como will keep you energized throughout your stay. 

You cannot hover just around Lake Como as there are plenty of other places in Milan not to be missed. Therefore you will have to make a pick on what you’d like to see as there are plenty of attractions around the lake that are scenic. For instance, Varenna would make sure to add color to your Como tour as it’s a nice and quiet place for nature lovers. Bellagio on the other hand is always with quite a crowd. Advisably, starting your day trip to Como should start as early as possible, and try not to have high expectations on covering up all the attractions around for it would be impossible.

  • The Modern City Center
Modern City Center | Shutter stock Images

Despite the availability of plenty of city centers across the country, there’s quite nothing like the modern city center in Milan. While the old city center makes sure to keep its usual customers, travelers who seek novelty are attracted to the modern city in Milan. With a Middle Eastern influence, the high-rise modern city center in Milan is everything the city lacked. Undoubtedly, this is the most attractive, modernized, high-end city center in the whole of Italy. 

With the heavy damage undergone by Milan during World War 2, the city lost most of its historical attractions. However, Milan took this as an opportunity to rebuild and shape up the city while preserving what’s leftover. This gave the city the chance to try out new projects in terms of fashion, finance, business, and entertainment within the city of Milan. 

  • Enjoy the Flamingoes
Villa Invernizzi | Lovng Bergamo Images

In the hidden neighborhood of Milan hides the garden of Villa Invernizzi, true heaven. While immersing yourself in the scenic atmosphere, you can also enjoy the sight of the mesmerizing Flamingoes idling in the pond. The owner Romeo brought the Flamingoes  as early as the 1980s when and have been rocking the ponds of Milan ever since. 

Moreover discovering the pink flamingos at Villa invernizzi would be the most peaceful thing you would be engaging in Milan. Often, the passersby would stop to peep through to glance at these beautiful and calming species without intervening in their peace.

  • Tour in Navigli District
Navigli | Pixabay

One of the lesser-known facts about Milan is the possession of canals. Milan was actually popular back before the twentieth century for its many canals. Today it is a major tourist destination for its tranquility during the daytime. However, as dusk steps in, the entire area transforms into a zone full of nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants for locals and tourists. This trendy destination renews to perfection. 

The harbor area is popular for great music, markets, cafes, and much more. Navigli district is one place you wouldn’t want to leave without paying a visit. Discover and spend some quality time while adding colorful memories to your travel diary.

In conclusion, Milan is a great tourist destination with plenty of breathtaking attractions. It is also a great place for those who are looking for a more modern, cosmopolitan, and clean tour area. Undoubtedly there’s nothing in Milan that will disappoint you. 

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