Staying away from being pickpocketed

Stealing is a dangerous crime as the pickpocket can get to extents that could even be life-threatening. Most of the time, a pickpocket would try stealing money and valuables without a person noticing. However, these misdirections can sometimes lead to dangerous consequences. 

In this article, we look into some warning signals that let a person identify when he’s about to be robbed.

  • When a Person Displays Wealth
Displaying Wealth | Pixabay Images

It is obvious that pickpocket thieves prefer wealthy people. Hence, if you are a wealthy person out in the crowd, you will really need to be careful. You should be cautious and not be in a manner that exposes what you are. Wearing valuable jewelry, and accessories can catch a pickpocket’s attention quite easily. If you are out from the bank or any other place and start shuffling cash with negligence, this could draw the attention of these thieves and is a top warning signal that you are about to be robbed. If you must be out in a crowded environment, you should consider leaving your fashionable and expensive accessories as designer watches at home. 

  • Reaching Out to The Wallet to Check On It
Reaching Out to The Wallet | Pixabay Images

It would be natural for someone to reach out to touch their wallets upon noticing a pickpocket sign nearby. In addition, one may feel this as a precautionary measure to check up on the wallet and feel it but the reality is you are just catching the attention of pickpocketers. Being robbed is not a joke, hence trying out such protective measures should be avoided for your own protection. Moreover, reaching out to your wallets in the open will hint to a pickpocket at the exact location of your valuables.

Often, credit cards, wallets, and cash could be anywhere as in a man’s jackets, back pockets, or backpacks. A pickpocket is usually quick to grab and go and will not have much time in carrying out a search in all these pockets. Hence, if you try checking up on your wallets, he will be sure where he should target. You should even avoid glancing down at your valuables to avoid an unfavorable situation. 

  • Showing that you are Lost
Expressing that You Are Lost | Pixabay Images

One of the major reasons that contribute to getting pocketed is encouraging a pickpocket to start a conversation. This might happen without your knowledge. However, a pickpocket is always on the alert and tends to target the most distracted ones in a crowd. The reason most pickpocketers are found in tourist locations is that they can find plenty of individuals who seem lost. Indeed, most tourists can be unfamiliar with a certain area or maybe looking for a place and may reach out to these pickpocketers.

Moreover, when you seem lost and distracted, it is as you are inviting these thieves to start a conversation with you which can end badly for you. Do not ever be glued at something as reading a map, looking at the phone continuously or reading boards without being watchful about the surrounding. These pickpocketers may instantly swipe something from you, even without noticing. Thus try appearing and looking confident despite the doubts.

  • Separating from your Group
Separating from your group | Pixabay Images

If you’ve been traveling with a group of people and then split up, you will be in the light. This means your separation or splitting for whatever the reason may be can alert a pickpocket and you will be more prone to being robbed. For instance, if you happen to enter one of the city’s attractions like a cathedral, a museum, or even a restaurant and happen to disperse.

Moreover, during such instances, make sure not to look lost or alone. Don’t try seeking help or reaching out to strangers. Try coming out of the place first and finding your friends. If you couldn’t locate your group, always head back to the hotel and contact them without wasting time on the road. Furthermore, these are situations and real possibilities where these thieves or pickpocketers are in search of victims. Victims can be hunted down and exposed to life-threatening threats. Hence, always make sure to stay with your group to avoid getting lost.

  • Alerting Everyone about a Pickpocketing Incident
Prior notification of a pickpocket | Pixabay Images

Although not at all for the right reasons, a person might appear out of the blue and starts yelling about a pick-pocketing incident going to happen. Initially, this may seem like a warning sign from someone, but you’ll soon find out it’s a trick to locate where your valuables may be. For instance, if someone shouts out loud giving such a warning, it is natural for you to reach out to your valuables and make sure they are safe. This will hint at a pickpocket and be much easier to identify the exact location to grab. Mostly, it’s a member of the pick-pocketing gang who would do this as everything is planned. Hence, during such instances, try acting wiser than protective.

  • Keeping the Wallet in your Backpocket
Wallet in the back pocket

Despite its convenience, it’s also highly risky for a traveler to have a wallet in the back pocket. Try sliding them in your front pockets as front pockets are usually tight and fitting. This makes it quite the struggle for a thief. They prefer snatching or stealing away things that are located in convenient places as back pockets. Additionally, it would be easier for you to identify when someone is reaching for your valuables if they are in front pockets than the back pockets. Often, you may think that since the back pocket is buttoned it would be safe.

Always remember that the pickpocketers are one step ahead of you and they would have the right tools to get rid of any barriers to getting to their target. Similarly, they can cut off the button using a knife and grab your wallet without you noticing it. Thus, always make the choice of keeping wallets and any other valuables that you must carry in the front.

  • People Fighting or Arguing in Public
Staged Arguements | Pixabay Images

We have often come across two or more people arguing in the street. Not all such incidents are suspicious. Therefore, it is quite tricky and challenging to identify such instances. A suspicious argument is one that’s irresistible and you may want to keep watching. Know that these kinds of arguments are staged. While two of them might play the role as you watch them, another two might come from behind and steal away your things while you are still distracted. Hence, this is one easy way they try to keep your focus away from your belongings. Try staying focused and not getting carried away with this kind of drama. 

  • When Someone Invades your Personal Space
Move away from invaders | Pixabay Images

This is one of the common pick-pocketing strategies used around the world. It happens when someone bumps into you purposely amidst a large crowd and while he apologizes and distracts you, another snatch and grabs your wallet. This is an age-old trick. However, most of us are still new to this kind of trick and must be aware, especially if we are planning to travel. Stay focused and be watchful about people, especially if they are walking towards your face to face. If you happen to face a similar incident try running or getting to a nearby shop or safe place as soon as possible. However, you should do this without turning your back on them as anything can happen. Looking directly at them and walking away can be helpful. 

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