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Back tattoos are an extremely personalized way of making yourself expressed. Tattoos are hence a great option to reveal what matters to you and show what things in life are important to you by way of tattooing them. However, body arts can be more visually appealing depending on their presentation. Back tattoos are therefore an extremely popular and versatile option available to women. The placement of a back tattoo is more attractive than the rest. Moreover, a back tattoo lets you enjoy larger tattoos or tattoos that may appreciate more space. 

One may wonder how it may be of interest to get a back tattoo done when they cannot even see it! We say that back tattoos have a broader meaning as being able to express things that may require tribute or honor. Depending on your preferences and importance of life, back tattoos would be an ideal choice to create a personalized statement. Hence, for those interested, this article points out a handful of back tattoo types along with their placements that are quite mesmerizing. 

  • Full Back 
Full Back Tattoo | Pinterest

For a more detailed and larger tattoo, full back serves the best. Opting out for a full-back tattoo is a great option if you have geometric patterns and mandalas in mind. Moreover, a full back tattoo will put you through lesser pain compared to the rest of the body parts. This is a great placement to make an impressive tattoo statement that also offers versatility. Expressing broader concepts that require more attention can also fall under full-back tattoos. Floral and other details that may seem natural as they spread over an area would fit into this type of tattooing well. 

  • Back Neck
Back Neck Tattoo | Pinterest

This is one of the popular placements for women. More subtle designs that are smaller in size are ideal for this placement. This is also one of the coolest ideas to try out if you are getting your first tattoo. This is because of the ability to cover it up with your hair if you do not like it in any case. One more idea is that if you have ink on your back, you can easily connect it to a back neck tattoo as an extension. A back neck tattoo is also popular due to its less pain on the scale compared to some others. 

  • Spine Tattoo
Spine Tattoo | Pinterest

Firstly, a spine tattoo can make you appear strong. This is because a spine tattoo resembles the strength of a person as tattooing on the spine involves a higher level of pain on the scale. Hence it is quite a unique placement to express one’s self. This gives the message that a person is willing to undergo endurance to make them feel stronger. This is the reason why most Yoga enthusiasts are interested in getting their tattoos done on the spine. A thin and long tattoo idea would be a fantastic spine tattoo option for any woman. This unique tattoo appearance will be sure to make a fashion statement for anyone who tries. 

  • Quote Tattoo
Quote Tattoo | Pinterest

Consider getting your back tattoo more meaningful with a quote or wording. These kinds of tattoos give you the opportunity to personalize your tattoo by incorporating your thoughts, feelings, or a favorite sentence of yours. Let your tattoo be more inspiring with black ink and font of your choice. Typewriter font or curvy font are two of the best fonts to include in a quote back tattoo. For a more unique touch, you can pick your sentence or quote to tattoo and translate it to a preferred language for tattooing. This way you can enjoy both a tattoo and privacy. However, if you prefer expressing your thoughts you can create much conveying tattoo. 

  • Tribal Tattoo
Tribal Tattoo | Pinterest

A tribal tattoo is much visibly (powerful) than the rest of the tattoo types. This rich symbol of personal achievement and cultural heritage interprets images with a unique tale or meaning. The viewers are often left puzzled and try hard to understand. However, according to different myths and beliefs of cultures, these tribal tattoos are believed to offer luck and protection. The tribal tattoos have been trending for quite some time and they sure hold greater meaning. The complex shapes of the black ink are often very eye-catching and attractive. Having understood yourself better, you can get a tribal tattoo that connects with your inner self to feel more personalized.

  • Lower Back
Lower Back Tattoo | Pinterest

This is one of the coolest tattoo placements for a woman. However, lower back tattoos often had a bad reputation. It was unfavorably popular for the most part. However, with the attitude towards these types of tattoos changing over the years, it’s seen more in trend. Currently, most girls prefer wearing a lower back tattoo and showing it off with a pair of low-cut jeans and a crop top. With low to moderate pain associated, this type of tattoo can be very eye-catching. Make sure to pick on a design or an artwork that is worthy and meaningful as it will be visible mostly.

  • Japanese Back Tattoo
Japanese Tattoo | Pinterest

With a variety of meaningful images, Japanese Back Tattoos serve as a rich symbol. Also popular as the art of Irezumi, offers the wearer many image options such as cherry blossom, geisha, lotus flower, dragon, koi fish, phoenix, and more mythical creatures. The tattoo includes vibrant colors making it extremely attractive. The distinctive style of these Japanese tattoos often carries a heavy meaning compared to the rest. The subject matter is often identifiable making it more expressive and understood. 

  • Wings Tattoo
Wings Tattoo | Pinterest

A Wing’s back tattoo conveys the steady idea of one’s freedom and protection. The tattoo also promises to uphold one’s faith. Two large wings, one on each of the sides will tend to have more impact on people who are bound physically and emotionally by society. Those who seek and appreciate freedom and protection may feel lighter and steep ahead of life by wearing a meaningful tattoo like this. This is one great way to express your expectations or values and inspire those who are in need.  

  • Shoulder Back
Shoulder Back | Pinterest

With this extremely unique placement of a tattoo, a female can express a range of emotions. For a female, this is one of the most sensitive and sexiest places in the body. Hence, a shoulder back tattoo is a perfectly gorgeous spot for getting inked. Moreover, a shoulder back tattoo wouldn’t cause too much discomfort or pain as there are lesser nerve endings on the outer skin of the shoulder. Also, the outer skin of the shoulder is much thicker. Some of the appealing shoulder tattoos include tiger, dragon, flower, skull, compass, cross, and dream catcher. 

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