9 Things Every Girl Has In Her Bag


1. Chocolate: And we don’t share. This is for emergency purposes, only.

2. Makeup Essentials: (Mascara, Eyeliner, Lip gloss, Compact Mirror) For touch-ups on the go.

3. Phone: No one should ever leave home without it.

4. Keys: If we ever forget anything, it will most likely be our keys. However, since get misplaced too often, no one has the time to look for them on their way out the door. In case of this, make sure you have them in your bag at all times.

5. Sunglasses: Do not drive with the sun without protecting your my eyes! It can cause wrinkling!

6. Granola Bar: If you get hungry on the go, this helps avoid Taco Bell for breakfast, or the McDonald’s dollar menu – Hello?! Pre-summer diet is in full effect!

7. Sentimental Token or Picture: You never know when the topic of dogs will come up: and someone will ask to see a picture of yours. Be prepared.

8. Debit/Credit Card: Who carries cash anymore?

9. Water Bottle: Find a reusable ecofriendly bottle in purple, pink, polka dots, or floral print. It’s important to stay hydrated, and be nice to the environment in the process.

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