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It is of utmost importance to identify how to make your home look expensive. Always aim at incorporating your passion into your decor in a way that uplifts the overall appearance. Sometimes, it is impossible to install and decorate exactly the way you want without considering. 

While respecting how each of us defines passion in life, today we discuss a few ways to avoid your home looking cheap, and ways to include to bring about an inspiring and passionate change. 

Here are 9 tips on how to make your home look expensive.

Small Rugs

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Rugs are home beautifying decors used in creating a lasting good look. Provided the quality, a rug should not be one that’s small, in fact, a rug too small can make the entire house appear small. This creates an off-balance with the rest of the decor by firstly making it look odd, and secondly making the rest of the decors seem worthless. 

 Although Jute rugs a good deal, their size can create unnecessary trouble for your sweet home. Hence, when you pick your ideal rug, always mind its size before making a purchase decision. The ideal rug should be one that’s large enough to tuck under the furniture to avoid floating around. Also, a larger rug can make your space appear big while giving a ‘full’ feeling. 

Empty Walls

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Minimalism can get tricky with hallways and walls. Having walls empty in a house is zero attractive. Although trendy, minimalism is not an ideal concept for walls. Walls are the first impression of a house. Decent art and wall hangings add up to the creativity of a house, and it definitely adds up to ways to avoid your home look cheap. 

A blank wall can be transformed into a gallery wall to give out passion. Moreover, customizing a gallery wall with a unique collection of your choice, as ancient paintings can add more value to your decor. Mirrors, Tapestries are great for attracting good vibes. 

Don’t Overdo With Themes

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Most importantly, if you prefer your house decors to remain timeless, following limited themes that can be uninstalled any time would work. Hence, overdoing with theme definitely contributes to ways to avoid your home looking unattractive. It is best to decorating styles than decorating themes. 

Themes are a great idea for a teen’s room, and if you’re fixated and passionate about a specific theme, then using that theme minimally should be fine. For an instance, your love for the seashore shouldn’t create everything around you to resemble a seashore. Instead, you can hang a mesmerizing art in the stairway wall or anywhere you prefer to express your feelings and emotions about it. 

The Wrong Signature Lighting

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Simply, the wrong lighting in a house can ruin your entire interior in the house. Furniture, electronics, and painting being the first aspects to focus on with designing, installing proper lighting to suit the rest of the decor is given less thought. This means generally lighting is understated while designing. 

This definitely leads to confusion and bad choices in the end. You may be too late to get rid of them, or they may have cost you a fortune. Also, it may be overwhelming to walk into an over-saturated or a too-bright room. Making sure the lighting fits the space is one way to shine your house the right way. Moreover, aiming for more sources of light is both creative and advanced thinking with signature lighting. Additionally, opting for lights that can make your space look more lavish and spacious would be an elegant choice. 

Investing in the wrong Furniture

Make your Home Look Expensive
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Misjudging scales and proportions when engaging in decorating a home is a mistake many make. Also, filling in space with many small things is like accumulating clutter. However, putting in bulky and big objects as too large furniture pieces in a space too small would make the entire space look rubbish as well. 

Hence, it is important to make a plan with the right measurements before making wrong purchase decisions. This is one way to avoid your home looking cheaper. This means you will need to make a plan and avoid following bad interior design trends. It is best to buy fabric first. Researching furniture styles, including shapes, could save you from repenting. Moreover, mind your space. Some spaces can handle big furniture while some spaces really cannot. You can upgrade any extra space with an accent table to appear stylish. 

Wrong Curtain Length

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One other major factor that contributes to a cheap home is the curtain length. Too short or too long curtains can destroy your interior altogether. Short curtains in a house can make the house appear cheap, while too long looks ridiculous. Long curtains also accumulate dust particles and make it impossible. 

When choosing curtains for your home, it is best to be aware of the difference between curtains and drapes, and the atmosphere where each can be applied. Curtains are made of lighter fabrics, while drapes are of thicker fabrics to block sunlight. Drapes would be ideal for rooms and spaces that require less sunlight penetration. However, other factors as the mood of your decor contribute heavily to making the right curtain decision. It is advisable to match the color of curtains with the rest of the decors as furniture and any wall paintings to give out a magnificent impression. Remember that picking on a hue that contrasts with the rest of the decor will make the curtains stand out and get all the attention. 

Installing Faux Plants

Make your Home Look Expensive
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Fake plants are one way to avoid your home looking inexpensive. It’s true that some faux plants look extremely attractive, and some may even be mistaken for a real plant. However, a fake plant can make your redecorated home look cheap, and all efforts in vain. 

Placing real plants or at least ones that may appear and seem real could do the trick. Always try to get a plant that shows less fake mud that can instantly give out a cheap impression to anyone. Moreover, adding real plants to your home will be healthy for respiration, as well as give out a dreamy surrounding. 

Crowded Entryway

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Entrance is the most important place to be tidy in a home, simply because it’s the entrance to your house. This means the entryway will give you a clue about how the rest of the house may be. It is everything to create a first and a good impression whoever visits as well. Hence, a crowded entry will make you feel cluttered and oppressive. 

Irrespective of the size of your entryway, there are simple yet functional ways to make it more interesting and tidy. Hanging a mirror, wall hooks, tapestries, shining a light, and defining your entryway with a visually appealing rug can make it much interesting. Optionally, you can show off personality by adding a designer shoe rack or provide seating. Thus, with these simple steps, you can make your entryway extraordinarily attractive.

Lack of Organization

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Despite how trendy or expensive decor is used to redo your new house, it can seem very untidy. Scattered deco elements that are not organized well are one reason behind this cause. To attain and enjoy a stylish and passionate home, it would be best to get rid of clutter and organize. 

It is best to follow the pros here. Research and get hold of tricks and hacks to hide clutter if you cannot get rid of them. Organizing using boxes, designer, and mounted shelves is an ideal way to bring about a creative change in your sweet home. Remember to avoid using too much trendy decor that can add up to clutter. 

Lack of Layering

Make your Home Look Expensive
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Ignoring layer rooms due to lack of awareness is one other thing that contributes to a cheap-looking house. It is important to remember not to forget layering and adding volume, which will also be beneficial during cold seasons. 

Layering up and adding volume works great with a magnificent collection of rugs, curtains, covers, blankets and throw blankets, and throw pillows. Mind that throw blankets and throw pillows add to the personality of your passionate house, while also adding up to texture and volume. 

In conclusion, making your home look expensive is no more a dream. Try applying at least one or two from the above to experience a transformation that also invites in good vibes.

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