Those of us who think we can not invest in the elite wardrobe are wrong. Elegant and timeless does not mean we only have expensive clothes.

The elegant look can be based on simple rules that we can implement by looking for solutions in stores with vintage clothes or our mother’s closet that hide unused treasures. As long as we return to traditional values ​​and dare to replace current fashions with classic pieces and accessories.

Discover the Charm of Black

Monochrome, pay attention to the quality of black fabrics so as not to confuse matte with glossy textures and we are ready to appear more elegant than ever.

Black Dress…..Bet Of Elegance

Even in a youthful version with a midi skirt that narrows in the middle, a fitted top like the ones made by Brigitte Bardot with black sunglasses and pointed shoes solves stand out in the sea of ​​prints!

Buy Longer Jackets

Long Jackets Add Substance….

Choose longer jackets, because these minimal centimeters offer… measures of elegance and match everything!
How would it feel if one day we changed the jacket that reaches the margins of our buttocks with a longer one that almost covers them? The difference is amazing!

Without going to extremes that do not fit the petite silhouettes, these minimal centimeters offer… measures of elegance and even match dresses.

Put an End to Skinny Jeans

A change that will automatically turn us into elegant figures. The comfortable form that falls loosely on our feet – especially in the area from the buttocks to the knees – will give another air to our appearance.

Slim Fit Make Us Look Lean And Thin…..

The term abroad for these pants is the slim fit line. They make us thinner and look more elegant without emphasizing imperfections such as stretches.

Return to the Pointed Heels

Heels Give Feminine Touch…

Rounded toes may be comfortable and youthful, but the classic heel cut is different. Femininity, sex appeal and absolute elegance are the triptych that this choice emits.

Have Gloves

This may not be the right month, but by autumn we can have a pair of good leather gloves, exactly the size of our palm. Combined with sleeves, it will be the elegant addition that will make the difference.

Gloves Adds Charisma…

Of course, every occasion is unique. We do not wear gloves to shop for our supplies in our daily lives, but we have studied the conditions and take them out whenever we need them.

Maybe a pair of long gloves that reach to the middle of the forearm or our elbow will automatically give style to a sleeveless evening dress that we will want to make more special.

Wear Big Sunglasses

Who does not need a little touch from Jackie Kennedy’s Mediterranean look? Did he wear metal frames and crystal mirrors in the Greek summers? The mystery, the elegance and the timeless shapes in shades of black or brown tortoiseshell are suitable for all occasions.

Prefer Midi Skirts

They can sometimes seem boring. Fortunately, clever designers have included this line below the knee in their collections by choosing minor details that update them.

Narrow waist, feminine fabrics and modern shades are the keys to look really elegant while abandoning the narrow straight lines that have been demystified in recent years.


Midi Dress Are Never Out Of The League….

Replace the Shoulder Bags

Too much detail? However, the bags that are supported by our wrist or even higher, from the inside of our elbow, give us a style lesson. They dominate the market despite the practicality of the rest.

Invest in a Good Watch

The fastest way (and costly, unfortunately) to look stylish. As long as our choice is really compatible with this style. There may be bright and oversized clocks that will catch our eye in the shop windows, but we should not be seduced, even if we have the money.

Simplicity counts as well as the choice of materials: gold, steel and a simple black shade – instead of metallic – will stand out with the good quality of construction and the timeless style.

Choose Simple Jewelry

Large and impressive pieces in overalls that immediately win the eyes… Beware, statement jewelry is not compatible with all the rules of elegance and most often leads to stylistic errors. The best combination is simpler chains, pearls and discreet rings for a flawless look.

And Something Else!

Chunky Glasses Provide Sophistication….

Walk with Confidence!

It is a matter of aura. The way we move in a space should make us look full of confidence, calm strength, and stability.

From our expression to the posture of our shoulders, everything should make us… taller than we look when we walk, bored or sad and bent over.

In combination with the previous tips for our wardrobe, this one completes the elegant look and gives it a genuine character!

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