A relatively new ingredient in skincare is squalane, and it is worth giving it a chance. Skincare has become a very big trend in beauty, but it is still very important for the health of the skin.

New products are constantly launched on the market, which promise to give the skin health, radiance and youth. One such product is squalane, which sounds very recent and has many benefits for the skin. It is a wonderful product and you should try it even for once.

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Be careful, however, not to confuse it with squalene, which is found in large concentrations in mature shark livers. But squalane is a vegetable and comes from olive oil. It is an active fatty ingredient with silky and no greasy feeling.

Squalene is produced in our body, but after the age of 20, they gradually eliminated it, leaving the skin hard and sensitive. So cosmetic companies started putting it in their products so we could continue to hire it. However, its process causes many environmental problems. As mentioned above, squalene in high concentrations is present in the mature livers of sharks, and for its intake, sharks are killed. In short, hunting and overfishing have a negative impact on the marine ecosystem and put this species at risk of extinction.

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Squalane which has been replaced by most companies, is the best version of squalene and offers exactly what we need and is environmentally friendly, as it comes from the olive. It is herbal and very effective.

What is squalane?

Squalane is an ingredient that, as mentioned above, is extracted from olive oil. The skin recognizes it immediately, as our body produces squalene, which is why it absorbs it very quickly and easily, unlike other vegetable oils that sit on the surface of the skin. This makes it perfectly compatible with the skin.

Squalane leaves no feeling of oiliness, as it mimics the natural function of skin lipids and forms a protective film around the skin, which helps restore the elasticity and healthy appearance of the skin.

It also helps maintain the moisture, leaves the skin very soft, helps reduce redness, speeds up the cell cycle, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, acts effectively against dark spots,

It is a natural antioxidant with very strong anti-cancer properties and protects the skin from carcinogens.

Its benefits on the skin

1. Deep hydration

Squalane is usually incorporated into moisturizers and leaves skin supple, hydrated, soft, and cool. Because of its resemblance to natural facial oils, it provides the right amount of moisture to the skin. In fact, it maintains hydration on the face for many hours, as it forms a protective film on the surface of the skin and protects it from dehydration. It is an excellent moisturizing formula, enhancing the natural processes of cell renewal in the skin.

2. Anti-aging

Squalane prolongs the youthful appearance of the skin by minimizing or even fighting wrinkles, fine lines of the face and helps to achieve a more renewed appearance. This is because this ingredient boosts collagen production by speeding up the cell cycle, repairing, soothing and smoothing the skin. In addition, it protects it from environmental stressors but also from free radicals, thus reducing the signs of aging.

3. Intense spots

Some women have severe spots and blemishes on their skin that get worse during the summer months. Squalane is suitable for this problem because of its antioxidant properties. It prevents and improves these spots, smoothing and brightening the skin.

4. Reduction of redness

Almost all women have experienced redness on their skin at least once, even to a small degree. Squalane can reduce and fight it by rejuvenating the skin and reducing its appearance.

5. Grease control

Another important property of this ingredient is that it can mimic the skin’s natural oils by helping to control oiliness. The skin recognizes it as its own oil, resulting in less production. This makes it ideal for oily skin.

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First, cleanse your face thoroughly with the cleanser you use.

Then apply your lotion, serum and any treatments you may be following.

Then put a few drops of squalene in your hand and apply well on the face and neck.

Finally, if you use it in the morning, do not forget to apply your sunscreen.

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