A Denim Trend Nobody Saw Coming

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The fashion industry has seen plenty of outrageous denim trends, from the notoriously unflattering JNCO jeans of the 90’s to the Topshop clear knee mom jeans that will get you a double take for all the wrong reasons.

But one new pair of denim shorts is proving we have not seen it all, they very weird to say the least.

Inspired by The Upside-Down from Stranger Things, The New York City-based brand, CIE Denim have created upside-down jeans and shorts. The inverted piece of clothing features pockets and waistband at the bottom of the pant.

The opinionated Twitter community had more than enough to say about these odd bottoms.

Shira Tarlo, a reporter & social editor at Salon, an online source for news, politics and entertainment, went to twitter to say, “Since women got the right to wear pants, they have been begging for consistency and variation in sizing, especially when it comes to jeans. Alas, upside down denim is here. The fight continues.”

Rachel Kuzma also had something to say about the latest denim trend, “I want small brands to make money & succeed but also if you’re selling a pair of denim shorts for $400 just because you sewed them to look upside down maybe you’re doing it wrong.”

You heard right this denim disaster are selling for nearly $400. $385 to be exact.

Cie Denim’s creative director, Kelcie Schofield, told Insider in a 2018 report, “The upside-down concept was designed to have the familiarity of the classic denim jean we all know and love but with a modern twist.”

We can see how they were going for a modern twist but it’s not safe to say they got there.

But if you can’t get behind these pair shorts, the brand is still something worth your support.

According to Schofield, who founded the brand in January 2017, sustainability was also an important part of the design process. She and her team decided to make each Cie Denim piece out of recycled jeans to “help reduce the massive waste left behind by the clothing industry.”

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  • Maya Asregadoo

    The upside-down pockets are cute, I guess, and are about as practical as ripped jeans. However, I do agree with the twitter users who complained about the shorts. I think that brands should focus on creating better sizing options and making women’s clothing which features deeper, more functional pockets than they should focus on making novelty items such as these shorts.

  • Kimi Mier

    They’re have been some strange trends in the fashion world, but I just can’t get behind this one. Women’s pants are already impractical enough.

  • Prasun Srivastava


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