A List of Backpacks For Those Who Don’t Do Purses

There are many of us who are somewhat guilty of carrying around our lives in our bags. Some people simply can’t leave the house without toting around their daily necessities and then some. For this reason, many swear by carrying around a huge bag, such as a tote. But such methods can be harsh on one’s shoulder and by extension posture.

Thus, it seems rather reasonable that the fashion world should look toward grade school for inspiration. If you take a look around, backpacks are truly having a moment. The two strap carrier has seen numerous trendy incarnation within recent years. So whether you’re a student looking for something to take to school, or simply someone who wants to be kinder to your back, here are some backpacks that may just rival purses:

This Canvas Somerset Backpack from Madewell seems like a versatile bag for both school and the beach. The pink stripes add just the right touch of color. (Currently priced at $49.99 at madewell.com)

The Dakota backpacks from Dagne Dover is loud; its bold red color is sure to turn many heads. (Currently priced at $139 at dagnedover.com

This small gray backpack from Zara is minimalistic with its neutral grey color. Its imbued with a sort of sophistication that most do normally associate with backpacks. (Currently priced at $29.90 at zara.com)

For those of us who wish to take it more simple, there is the Modern Zip Backpack from Everlane. It maintains the classic silhouette of the backpack with a few old-fashioned but sleek details such leather zippers. (Currently priced at $58 at everlane.com)

This Tixting Tall Rattan and Leather backpack from Wicker Wings comes in an extra appealing burgundy color. (Currently priced at $505)

Featured Image via Dagne Dover

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    • Corrada Spatola
    • August 8, 2018
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    The Dagne Dover has my heart. Love the Red <3

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