A New Apartment for $50 and Under

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You’ve just moved into your quaint but cramped studio apartment. As you stand next to your twin-sized bed, you realize you can touch both walls simultaneously. The length of your room can be traveled into four generous steps. And there is an apparent lack of overhead lighting.

You’re thinking to yourself how on earth is this nook potentially costing me the total of my summer’s projected income?

Take a deep breath. We’ve compiled a list of budget-conscious items that will make the most of your space.

First things first, let’s lighten up the room. Living in a darkened light will not only make your space feel smaller, but it’ll also damper your mood too. So, tear down those plastic shutter shades and replace them with a sheer curtain.

Might we suggest this Vue Carrington Sheer Window Curtain Panel in white? The panel’s transparency and the light color will simply enhance the outside’s natural light as it’s deflected into your space.


Bed Bath & Beyond $19.99

Opt for the longer length regardless of the window’s measurements, as a floor-dusting size will create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

For when the sun sinks down or it’s simply a dreary day, we need some natural light backup. We’re suggesting a chandelier featuring a series of mason jar lights. No mounting required. Just gather a few ceiling hooks to secure the lamp in place and then run the wire across the wall using invisible tape mounts.


The Lakeside Collection $37.98

You could even do some DIY work and paint the wrought iron a light color of your choosing. We were thinking pale blue to resemble the sky, but that’s just us spitballing..

Now that we can actually see the room, let’s get you to see yourself in the space. Literally. Our next stop is the mirror section. We adore this over-the-door, golden tiled mirror. We suggest you leave the over-the-door hardware in the bag and use this mirror as wall decor.


Bed Bath & Beyond $39.99

Lean the mirror against a wall and watch how it doubles the appearance of your tight quarters. Not a bad way to grow the space and ensure you’re looking good from tip to toe too!

With a small space, added decor oftentimes clutters the space. To that we say, use what you have. The twin size bed you first looked at with disdain and a premature aching back is now a feature piece of decor.

Center the bed against the wall opposite the entrance. Turn it so that its length spans the wall. You’ve now just acquired a daybed. Buy a plush mattress pad a few white throws and you’ve now changed your bed from a sleeping nightmare to a functional seating area.

We’ll also suggest buying a centerpiece for above the bed, perhaps a black and white photograph or one of these…


Wayfair $38.99


Wayfair $46.99

The watercolors will add a pop of vibrancy to your perfectly pale and airy aesthetic. Have an artist friend and perhaps you’ll get a commission-free piece!

With your centerpiece in place, let’s add some life to the space. We suggest getting two vases of birch wood branches to flank either side of your new daybed. The bleached wood keeps the room’s palette dream-like while also offering a new textured medium.


Target $19.99

We suggest these gold hammered vases to compliment your new metallic mirror!

Through these purchases, we’ve transformed the room into a larger, lighter and livened space. A neutral palette for the daybed and drapery allows you to paint the space with accents of color. And as we round out this spruce-up spree, we suggest a last decorative pop.


Amazon $23

The rug doubles as a decorative print, while adding some faux fur warmth to the space. Complimenting the birch wood’s earthiness, this wild aesthetic gets a Marth Stewart-approved update as it meshes seamlessly with the metallic and angelically neutral color palette.

Now, step back and take a look at your transformed space. We’ve come a long way from the tight-spaced terror.

Welcome to your new home.

Hailing from Ewing, I'm a Jersey girl through and through meaning endless bagels and constantly defending the state from the stereotypes of Snooki and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast. I love the red carpet of any and all award shows and shamelessly indulge in Fashion Police the next day with an even greater intrigue. I'm an avid Netflix binge-watcher, but could also be perfectly content traveling around Europe with a few of the classics and a map in my bag.

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