A Recap of The Olympics: Day One

The 2016 Olympics have finally taken off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many athletes have trained long and hard for their chance to represent their country in the events. So the opening ceremony kicked off the Olympics into action. On the first day, multiple teams won gold. Though other teams did not win this does not mean they did not apply their all to the game.

The first big win came in the shooting category for women. Virginia Thrasher from the United States scored 208.0 points. Thrasher was competing in the Women’s 10m air rifle category and won gold. The second place went to Du Li of China who had 207.0 points. Third place went to Yi Siling of China who had 185.4 points totaled. The Men’s air rifle competition occurs on August 8, 2016.

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Moving on to the Men’s Archery Team, South Korea won six medals. The United States won zero medals in this category. The Australian team won six bronze medals. Not as great as gold, but still a show for their efforts. The Chinese Men’s Archery Team won two bronze medals also.

South Korea’s Women’s Archery Team won gold as well. Though the South Korean Women’s Team took five medals instead of the six. The Russian Women’s Archery Team won one gold medal. In the bronze category, the Chinese Taipei Women’s Archery Team won five medals. Behind them was the Italian Women’s Archery Team winning three bronze medals.

In the Women’s 400m individual swimming category Hungary’s Katinka Hosszú placed first. Hosszú’s time was 4:26:36 and she set a new world record. Madeline Dirado was fast behind Hosszú with a time of 4:31:36 and she won silver. Mireia Belmont was only a few seconds off from Dirado’s time at 4:32:39 and she won bronze. All the swimmers truly gave their best for Rio.

The other category then is the Men’s 400m individual medley in swimming. The men’s team did not appear to break any world records in their category. Japan’s Kosuke Hagino came in first place with a time of 4:06:05. Hagino did win gold for his category. Chase Kalisz came in second with a time of 4:06:75 and won silver. Third place went to Daiya Seto, also from Japan, with a time of 4:09:71.

In the medal standings, Australia currently holds the most gold with three medals. Behind Australia, Italy and China are tied and each has two gold medals at this point. Of course, many other events are still scheduled to take place in the future. Also, some of the events such as the Women’s Beach volleyball tournament are still currently in progress. Yet one can be sure that each olympian is preparing themselves to go for a victory.

Some teams have experienced victory on the very first day of the Olympics. Though other teams have experienced failure as well as losses. On the first day of the competition, the French gymnast Samir Ait Said experienced a broken leg. He obtained this injury from landing awkwardly on the finishing platform. His team is thankful Ait Said is receiving the treatment his leg requires and are trying to stay strong.

Just before Ait Said broke his leg, German gymnast Andreas Toba, injured his knee. Toba injured his knee during a floor exercise routine. The anterior cruciate ligament was torn in Toba’s knee. The gymnast was left in tears due to the pain and emotional impact the injury left. Though the Olympic athlete will continue to watch from the sidelines.

The Olympic games have already had some successes, failures, and injuries. It is always sad to see dreams be shattered due to uncontrollable circumstances. However, that is the risk the Olympians run each time they go out on the field. The Olympics are a completion after all and one team has to win in each category. Yet there are always future games which hold onto new opportunities for teams and athletes alike.


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