A Spring Fashion Collab by…Cheetos?

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Some people like to eat their food. And others like to wear it as a fashion statement.

People who enjoy Cheetos, of course, are already used to wearing orange dust on their fingers. But now fans (fanatics?) of the crunchy snack will have a chance to wear Cheetos-inspired clothing, according to Forbes.

Cheetos is getting into fashion along with Betabrand. The formalwear pieces in the line are designed in snack-related themes.

The pieces feature some tongue-in-cheek snacking accommodations. There are suspenders, hollow shoulder pads on blazers, and bows with space to store munchables. The collection also includes white gloves ready-made to pick up orange dust while protecting hands from discoloration. Another piece is a pair of pants that has disposable napkins attached to the front, called “lapkins,” which tear away to prepare for the next meal. Cheetah-like orange and black meet with pastels in the food-obsessed collection.

Cheetos is advertising the collection as Easter friendly holiday attire. “Easter clothing is so serious and dull,” said Cheetos in a Facebook post. “So I think it’s time I gave Easter clothing a makeover with my new Spring Snack Line.”

In the past, Cheetos has released various themed fashion. Last year there was a holiday collection that mimicked high fashion, which included cufflinks with the Chester Cheetah brand mascot, graphic leggings, and even a gold ring with real gemstones that was listed for $20,0000. The company also produced a wearable Cheetos scent, the Cheetau perfume.

Instead of selling the clothing directly, Cheetos will distribute the pieces via giveaways. So if wearing snack brand loyalty to formal events appeals, check out the Cheetos Facebook page.

Is Cheetos the thing for high fashion, jewelry and family gatherings? Maybe not for everyone; snack food doesn’t inspire fashion choices for most people. But the casual humor of the line and the serious pseudo-practicality of elements like “lapkins” have some entertainment value either way.

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