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Do you believe that your fate can be changed? Edwards and Associates is an unusual firm that is in the business of beliefs. They believe that people’s decisions are influenced by their environment in ways they’re not aware of. ABC’s “Mind Games” combines science, con-artistry, and Jedi-mind tricks to tell a story about how simple it can be to change someone’s mind. The Edwards brothers Clark (Steve Zahn) and Ross (Christian Slater) can tailor a plan to influence any life-altering situation, thereby making the clients of Edwards and Associates have their dreams come true and their nightmares go away.

Clark, a former university professor and a world renowned expert in human behavior, Psychology and motivation has a checkered past, which stems from his Bipolar Disorder. When the university discovered that Clark was having an affair with a 22 year-old undergraduate, his career imploded. Since then he tries to focus his manic energy on Ross’ fortune making plan. Recently out of prison after 2 years for fraud, Ross is a brilliant schemer. He has come up with a business model that he believes will make him and his team millions of dollars. Although his energy is infectious, his tactics can be questionable and his strategies on the border of illegal. Their team is composed of the serious Latrell Griffin (Cedric Sanders), a talented young man from a tough neighborhood recruited by Ross, who saw a raw talent for business in him, and Miles Hood (Gregory Marcel), a geeky trust fund baby, who is a promising behavioral psychology grad student, with Clark’s flair for the science and Ross’ general disregard for ethics. Megan Shane (Megalyn Echihunwoke) is an actress who also proves her worth to the team. She uses her beauty and acting skills to help them turn their scientific schemes into real world results.

The brothers commit to solving their clients problems with the hard science of psychological manipulation. With their unique staff to help them, the brothers intend to offer people an alternative to their fates. “Mind Games” airs Tuesdays 10pm on ABC.

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