It’s happened to all of us: you spill coffee on your fancy blouse, forget to put deodorant on, pop up a button on your other blouse, and could really use a breath mint before your morning meeting (somehow your boss always ends up this close to you for no good reason). But of course, of the 92 things you have tucked away in your favorite satchel (or hobo or messenger… hey, maybe even a backpack), you never have what you actually need. Well, kiss those days goodbye when you get your hands on Pinch Provisions’ Minimergency Kit, $16 at Pinch

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.40.55 PM                                                                       Via Pinch Provisions

In these compact little pouches—they can literally fit in the palm of your five-year-old niece’s tiny little hand—you get SEVENTEEN beauty/health/personal-care lifesavers. From stain remover, to clear nail polish, to even a sewing kit, the Minimergency Kit has got you (and your prone-to-accidents nature) covered.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.42.20 PM                                                                 Via Pinch Provisions

Plus, the kit comes in fourteen different styles, colors, and patterns—like glitter, polka dots (that one is designed especially for teachers), and even monogrammed versions—so you can stuff the stockings of all of the sometimes-clumsy ladies in your life.

Will you be getting this for those friends who have everything? Or maybe you’ll just leave this little lifesaver to yourself? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone… for now.


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