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It is very common now to have a monthly subscription to some internet service. There’s Lootcrate that sends geeky collectibles, Barkbox that sends toys and treats for your pup, and Naturebox that that sends healthy snacks every month. There is even a subscription service for lingerie. Adore Me is where you can receive a bra and panty set every month if you are a VIP member. The VIP members receive discounted prices on the sets, free shipping, free returns and exchanges, no membership fee and no obligation to buy that month. Don’t have the cash for a new set? No problem just skip within the first few days of the month and maybe get it next time. The service won’t make you buy something if you cannot afford it. They will mark it that you skipped the month so there are no accidental charges. The return and exchange service is helpful they give you credit right away to get something new instead of having to wait for your returned item gets back to them. So you would be able to get your new set right away while the one you returned  is in the mail. 


Adore me has new showcases every month. So new designs on new bras, panties, sleepwear, corsets and now even swimsuits. There is even a section on the website is for super special sexy time. The designs on the underwear reflect the that month’s showcase, so not only do you get a new bra and panty set but also it gets you in the mood for the season. Now that spring is upon us there are pastel colors and some brighter colors to get you ready for warmer months.  A new bra and panty set every month at a reasonable price, that are really cute and has free shipping? Who wouldn’t want that? Any girl would feel a little sexier and more confident in a matching bra and panty. With such confidence you can run the world. 

Photos: adoreme

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