Aeropostale Launches Two New Summer Lines


Aeropostale recently launched  two new summer lines, titled: Bethany Mota and Pretty Little Liars.

There are 109 items in the Bethany Mota or “More Mota” line, which features crop tops, patterned shorts, and graphic tees. The YouTube star made an Instagram video earlier in the week encouraging fans to give her feedback on some of the clothing she should include in her line, and eventually announced that both would be included.

Another perk to her new line is that for most of the things available to purchase come with a free tote. The website encourages its shoppers to post pictures of what they bought with the hashtag “#Bethanymotacollection”. The line runs from a $5 pair of earrings to a $50 cardigan.

The clothes are already up on for viewing and purchasing, and all the pieces are modeled by her.

The Pretty Little Liars line has six outfits posted, named after the four girls and the styles are based off of the characters in the show. Even the models are made to look similar to the characters they are portraying.

Each look features an article of clothing that is being sold, the other accessories are just for show.


The Pretty Little Liars based line will launch June 8th.
The Pretty Little Liars based line will launches June 8th.

Hopefully the line will be clearer when it does come out, as shoppers aren’t able to know what they’re available to buy until they click on the image.

The website is looking for feedback from viewers, asking them to vote which Pretty Little Liars style they like the most. So far Emily’s is ahead by 20 percent.


Bethany Mota's line will officially launch June 7th.
Bethany Mota’s line officially launches June 7th.

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