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Childhood Affects Romantic Relationships

7 Ways Childhood Affects Romantic Relationships

Can an adult develop a particular personality feature only as a result of childhood experiences? Do you want to know how childhood trauma affects romantic relationships? What effects does childhood have on adult relationships today? Childhood events shape our emotional development. Adulthood may be viewed as an extension of your youth. As a result, as adults, people will strive to…

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The Middle East as the Fashion Capital for Undiscovered Talent

Fashion in the Middle East isn’t obscured like many would assume. It’s not always just black burqas and staidness. In fact, fashion of all varieties is paramount for men, women, children, pets and even personal property. But for many creative artisans such as fashion designers, breaking through to the world with an innovative fashion perspective is far from possible. Or…

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Come to The Dark Side, the Star War’s Themed Pop-Up Bar

In honor of The Last Jedi, the next installment in the Star War’s saga, a Star War’s themed pop-up bar called The Dark Side will be opening for a limited time in three separate locations: New York City, Washington D.C., and Hollywood, California. While most fans might have expected the Star War’s themed bar to be similar to the intergalactic…

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The Equilibrium of Future Masculinity

There’s a new guy on the block, and he’s redefining what we thought was dead: chivalry. As we drift into the advancing evolvement of change, we transform into a new temperament, at least for British guys. Upon a recent survey done by the University College London and the American grooming company Harry’s, 2,000 men surveyed, estimated to be less metrosexual…

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Architect Alison Brooks Reminds Us Why Fashion is Still Relevant

They all say, “dress for the job you want.” This holds ever so true for Alison Brooks, a 54 year-young UK architect, a foremost name for some of London’s metropolitan designs. Who knew an architect understood fashion decorum? But evidently, architectural design and structural fashion design are comparable in many aspects. It’s always essential to dress the part, especially if…

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Phoebe Philo will be Resigning Céline

After many long years of beautiful aesthetic couture, Céline’s creative director determined a definite move forward, leaving the esteemed label to a new artist. Céline has long since recovered from its declining end when Phoebe Philo, swooped in to save the brand and restore the French brand’s soft-spoken, feminine image. With Céline doing so well, LVMH, the multinational luxury corporate…

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