Alexa Chung’s New Shadow For The Smoky Eye


Alexa Chung has released a new limited edition eye shadow for Eyeko that is believed to be the new beauty must-have. The 30-year-old is starting her second line with the London company, subsequent to the first, which included liquid eyeliner and mascara. The innovative eye shadow, Me and My, is bringing a fresh look to cosmetics. The built-in brush produces a smudgy look that is perfect for a captivating smoky eye. The shadow comes in taupe, charcoal and chocolate – perfect for a combo or a one-man show.

“A smoked eye is so flattering on everybody,” said Alexa. “I can’t be bothered with powder eye shadows that you have to blend, blend, blend. It takes skill and patience, I would rather just draw it on and smudge.”

The same probably goes for every girl – the easier, the better. Eye shadow can be tricky; it’s an art that must be mastered. “I still mess it up. It’s quite difficult. That’s why, for Eyeko, we did a pen instead of a pot and stick, which can be quite…floppy,” Chung said, according to Fashion & Style.

Well, she clearly found the perfect medium and debuted it charmingly at the Met Ball with the understated smoky eye.

So why does Chung always go for the darker crayon? She told Time Out London that she was scared of bright colors. Being drawn to darker colors isn’t always something to be thankful for, but in Chung’s case, she’s created a world of possibility. With the shadow’s resistance to water and an automatic twist-up pen, women will be able to keep the refined look for as late as the night is long.


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