Allbirds “Sugar Zeffers” – Sustainable Flip Flops

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The brand Allbirds is known as having among the most comfortable shoes. The brand is known for its main two silhouettes so far – the sneaker / “runner” and the loafer / “loungers.” However, the brand has recently announced its newest creation- “Sugar Zeffers” – which is essentially their own take on classic flip-flops.

The shoes come off as rather sugary indeed, as each pair comes in a different variety of candy-like. Each sandal is surprisingly affordable at just $35 each, with an additional $15 if one would like to switch to any of the interchangeable straps.

Co-founder Tim Brown says that the brand has been working on this project for quite some time. “The playbook for our brand is that we come in with our design lens and strip things away. We focus on making things simpler, better, and more wearable,” says Brown. The flip flops are part of the brand’s larger initiative to revamp classic styles to make them sustainable.

The result is a sandal with a cushioned sole and woven straps made from recycled plastic bottles. The cushioned sole is achieved made from sugarcane, rather than ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA); an environmentally harmful substance that similar shoes are made from.

Brown says “In our simple, low key sort of way we’ve tried to reimagine this classic product and make it comfortable and simple and beautiful.”

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    • Corrada Spatola

      Nice to see new innovative ways of making footwear

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