Allure’s June Hair Guide Brings Asian Models To The Forefront

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Beauty magazine Allure is hyping up their first-ever hair guide just released in their June issue, but it’s not just because of the hair. This monumental campaign marks one out of a grand total of three Asian models featured on their covers over 28 years of the magazine’s existence.

The three faces featured include Fei Fei Sun, the first Chinese model to be featured on the covers of American, Italian, and Japanese Vogue, Korean global L’Oréal Paris ambassador Soo Joo Park, and pink-haired Chinese-Australian Louis Vuitton model Fernanda Ly. Labeled “modern muses” by the hair guide, each of the models speak on their unique beauty routines and experiences with working and living as a minority Asian in a predominantly white industry.

The project is strongly backed by Allure editor-in-chief Michelle Lee, who believes the beauty and fashion industry is in desperate need of more diverse representation. In her own article also featured in the June issue Lee defends the “importance of inclusivity in beauty” along with the current lack of Asian representation found in magazines. For her, the June hair guide is an important and much-needed first step of diverse and multi-ethnic, multi-cultural integration within the beauty world.

“My preteen self couldn’t even fathom seeing an Asian face on the cover of a mainstream magazine or leading a TV show or headlining a movie,” wrote Lee. “So being able to feature three game-changing Asian models, especially after a pretty sad track record, has significant meaning to me.”

Image by Allure

Fei Fei Sun shares snippets from her life including her recent marriage to husband Liang Zi and the start of her modeling career, as well as the significance of her Chinese heritage. “We need more and more girls from different countries on the runway and in magazines and in global campaigns,” she tells Allure.

Image by Allure

Soo Joo Park, who made platinum hair acceptable for thirty-something Asians, discusses her stance on the issue of Asian underrepresentation. “We’re the fastest-growing minority in the country, but you hardly ever see one of us on the cover of a major American publication. I just want to think about who I am and what I represent and how I can help other people who are like me.” As a 32-year-old Asian model with bleached-blonde hair, Park is a stellar example for minority beauty everywhere.

Image by Allure

Fernanda Ly, who rocked her standout bubblegum pink hair on the Louis Vuitton 2015 fall runway,  speaks on her experience growing up as a Chinese-Australian. “I’m torn because obviously I’m Asian, but I grew up really Western,” Ly said on being a minority Asian in the middle of a predominantly white city. “It’s an alienating experience — you feel so physically different. I appeared at the time when everything started to change; people like Lineisy [Montero] and Ruth Bell started to break the norm. I guess I’m the colored-hair version of that for Asian girls.”

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