Andrea Pompilio – Milan Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 Reviews


Bringing the fun back into fall and winter is Andrea Pompilio. Because polka dots are fun and colors are fun as well. Fun to look at, fun to describe and playfully bright. They bring a childlike feel to any piece of clothing. Ask yourself, at what age did you stop wearing polka dot patterns and why? Well now you can start wearing them again. By using this pattern in two piece suits, trouser separates, bomber jackets and full length overcoats they were classed up and modernized. Colors were also in full effect with a bright yellow neoprene duffle coat, an emerald green military coat, motorcycle jacket, and a sky blue quilted shirt fitted over a cream colored turtleneck. White buttons were the focal point accents of most designs because they drew your attention to them in items that included a cropped double breasted wool jacket with those white buttons and shoulder epaulets, and with a navy double breasted fur coat. Another bright spot was the use of orange and white combinations with an orange boucle sweater that featured horizontal white chalk stripes. Also with a double breasted shawl collar cardigan having the same white buttons. Going with more subtle colors, a two tone shearling color blocked duffle coat was shown in navy and gray with a Navy top portion and gray boucle style bottom portion and around the wrists. Though with colors there is always an athletic and speed feeling that sets upon us. Using print details consisting of a male in various poses resembling a variation of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man was another element that was used in both fronts of shirts, and various backs of overcoats to modernize an otherwise traditional look. The two things that really stood out though with the collection after the colors and the polka dot patterns was that most items had some form of accentuated look. Either with a fur hat, gloves, a silk handkerchief of a bright contrasting color and pattern, or holding an essentials pouch. This collection broke the rules of fall and winter with the bright colors and designs. But if those seasons aren’t going to be enjoyable, then like the planet Pluto why not remove them from consideration?

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