Anna Sui’s Home Collection Debut Will Release Next Week

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Anna Sui will release her home collection debut with PB Teen next week. According to Vogue, she had an interview and shared her idea, aesthetics and personal experience through it.

“I’d been renovating an apartment and I have always loved decorating…Furniture, decorating- all that really intrigues me,” she continued, “I approached it the same way I approach a collection, in that I thought of themes. I’m very well known for a bohemian style, so that became one of the [primary focuses]. I am decorating my new space with a chinoiserie influence, so that really became our second theme. And I always develop a color story, so we worked that same way here.” Following consistent style, this time her home collection is inspired by former work spanning over beauty, clothing, accessory and textiles.

Since her first runway show kicked off in New York in 1991, she successfully focused lots of eyeballs from key publications, fashion designers and premium brands. In May 2017, Fashion and Textile Museum in London displayed Sui’s work under the title The World of Anna Sui, demonstrating the first ever historic- retrospective museum in U.K. and embracing Sui’s originals almost from 1991 to 2017. After three months, when Sui’s team is making preparation for their home collection, the archive in U.K. reminds them of their memory during that time. “It was a very nostalgic few months. We were working on this and the show, so everything was fresh in my mind from looking at the archives [for that]. It was really easy to say, ‘Let’s pull this from ’96’ and ‘Let’s pull this from 2004.’” Sui said in the interview.

When asked about the influence from archives on her, Sui said “I think what the exhibition showed is that I have a signature look. And sometimes that’s what you want from a designer—those pieces that you’ve loved from the very beginning. Sometimes I wish more designers would do that, and, of course, some designers are,” she continued, “it’s fun to revisit them and see what you would do with them now.”

Sui also mentioned that some interiors’ work has inspired and provoked her to create including Alexander Girard. For the relationship between craft and design, Sui thought “I guess the major difference is that there is no body in interior design. It’s more structured. Whereas when you design clothing, that’s the other element that you have to think about. How is that body going to look underneath those clothes? How is the fabric going to react against the body and movement?”

In the ending, she added, she was so thrilled to see how people will react to her exhibition, we are also excited to see it soon.

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