Any Queen Would Follow Queen Elizabeth’s Culinary Habits

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Admit it, if you were queen, you’d probably keep cake available at all times (and eat it too). It’s a job perk.

Well, if you were wondering what a modern monarch eats, traveling cake is what Queen Elizabeth does if there are leftovers of her preferred dessert, according to Elle. She’s fond of chocolate biscuit cake, so she takes it with her. But since she’s the queen, she has a senior chef who’ll bring it along if she happens to be on the road before the cake is gone.

Although the cake is an evident favorite, the Queen also abides by certain dietary habits, said Darren McGrady, royal chef. Her Majesty’s culinary regimen actually appears quite healthy. Only at state dinners does she venture to eat foods that are starchy. Many of her meals involve vegetables paired with chicken or fish, which is grilled. Adding to that healthy lineup are fresh fruits and large salads.

The monarch does not, however, like garlic. McGrady said that the royal chefs never put it in the Queen’s food and that they also keep the onions light. Her Majesty also eschews rare meat, preferring that it is cooked thoroughly, into the well-done range.

Among Queen Elizabeth’s other dietary habits is an exacting process for eating bananas. McGrady said that she bisects it along the length after removing the ends, then slices it into pieces and uses a fork to eat it.

But a chocolate biscuit cake is the thing, according to McGrady. If other cakes happen to fall by the wayside, this one doesn’t—the Queen will eat just a little each day until she finishes it off.

So if you ever have a chance to visit the royal family, after paying homage to Kate Middleton’s wardrobe, you know who to join for dinner.

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