False Eyelashes False Eyelashes

Having trouble getting on your false lashes? Here’s a more helpful guided to successfully applying your fake eye lashes. You need to have a mirror, preferably a magnifying one, tweezers, lashes and glue. Make sure that it is stripe glue for the first couple of times you do this.

First make sure that you’re applied all of your eye make up, including mascara, and then take care of the lashes. Have your lashes ready, but be forewarned that longer lashes are a little bit more difficult to handle. Using the tweezers, grab a lash and dip it in lash glue (if you have spray, then lightly spray it). Wait a few seconds until the glue gets tacky, then drag the piece with glue on it over your actual eyelashes to help coat the eyelid with the now-tacky glue. Now lay the fake lashes over your eyelids.

Spray the lash glue 2-3 times on the outside of your eye. Now take a liner or applicator brush and gently pat the lashes down, afterwards covering up any glue with make up. Apply any other facial make-up desired, and that’s it! You are now ready to show off your big, bold eyes!

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