Are Shopping Apps Going to be the Next Hot Spot for Fashion?

It is not always easy to find what celebrities or famous role-models are wearing. Fashion is fast-paced, with trends coming and going each week, making it difficult to have a sense of your own style.

Other people may have trouble figuring out what looks good or what matches well with each other. And shopping can be tedious when you are busy with work or children.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

In Tampa Bay, fashion bloggers are trying to help with those problems and are finding affordable, yet stylish outfits to fit the needs of teens, working women and mothers. A fashion app has launched called LIKEtoKNOW.IT that is playing a major role in guiding women towards a better retail experience.

One of the mothers that enjoys the app Brooke Shemwell mentioned that your next door neighbor could be influencing what people want to wear. Fashion is not only for models who walk in runways or are in catalogs.

The app is unique to women on the go who do not always have the time to shop. Bloggers will regularly post images of themselves in fashion-forward apparel with brands tagged that lead women in the direction of the store or mall that it is in. Searching for clothing became much easier with the help of LIKEtoKNOW.IT. It is similar to shopping online since the tags in the photo take you to the clothing brands store on social media. Then it makes it accessible to scroll through other wardrobe looks that may be what you have wanted to purchase.

A fashion change can usually improve confidence. The fashion app proves this because the fashion bloggers take time to scout out malls and small local boutiques for the best finds. New clothing and new emerging businesses make it better for that business as well. Both you and the label are winning because you are spending at their store and they are profiting. Local boutiques can be hidden in the wall so it is great when they do get acknowledged by social media blogs.

The fashion influencers are located in Tampa Bay, Florida such as Sara Magnolia, Luv Bec, and Hahn Solo. They all work together in a small community because they each have their own local business and support each other through the app.

There may be some competition with the businesses, but it is nice to know that they all have a chance to promote their fashion brands along with other brands that will gain the recognition that they deserve. They also help consumers on working on the e-commerce platforms, benefiting profits and the customer themselves.

It may not always be simple when it comes to the bloggers also finding great deals, but they do their best for consumers and people who do not get to shop for trendy clothing often. Fashion forward garments do not necessarily have to mean the latest styles that are up for grabs either. There are some unique outfits on the blog that the women have also put together themselves, creating a space for individuals to maintain their personal style.

The fashion bloggers use other women as models to gather more compliments and feedback on an outfit. They use the platform to show people what styles will look like on everyone, which is awesome to see. Fashion is normally shown on models who are ridiculously skinny, a body type that not everybody has. The bloggers get four to five calls a day asking about the app and the clothing on site.

The app is a wonderful and fun way to look at what is in style in the present-time, mixing in different clothing to capture how to pair things differently, too.

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