Are Skinny Jeans Hindering The Fashion Industry?

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For the longest time, skinny jeans have been a key staple item to any woman’s wardrobe. The fashion trend has been around for over ten years, yet the desire for a new jean type replacement hasn’t risen for fashionistas.

Although, with the recent push for women to buy flared or bell bottom jeans, retailers are seeing that woman aren’t willing to replace their skinny jeans for the new flare jeans trend. Fashion retailers are seeing a lower amount of sales with their back to school shopping spree days due to customers barely buying any new jeans.

With women, you would think that even if skinny jeans became an eternal trend, they would be willing to buy more skinny jeans? Instead, women are conserving their old jeans instead of purchasing new skinny jeans and or any other different type of jeans.

Nancy Zhang, the Chief Operating Officer of Otte New York Boutique chain, explains that the skinny jean look is staying in power. Most retail stores are expecting women to replace their staple items, like jeans, for a new look to gain more cash through trend changes.

Retail Chain owners, Ann and Sid Mashburn, also commented on why they think the skinny style has become almost iconic for women today. They state that skinny jeans throughout the years have evolved with other trends, like the rise of athletic wear in the last few years. The Mashburn’s also commented that another action that has kept skinny jeans active in the fashion industry is its adaptation into menswear.

Compared to women who started wearing the current style of skinny jeans in 2005/2006, men didn’t get the chance to start wearing skinny jeans until 2008/2009. Even though it is a very small lapse of time for men to be without the popular look, but it could lead to one of the many reasons why the skinny jean trend refuses to die.

So is it time for men and woman to change their ways by throwing out their skinny jeans for the sake of fashion retailers? I think not!

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