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Bruising black and blue most of your life is something people often wonder about. As some people age, they are more bruised than they did before. For those of you who are among them, it is a condition that is medically termed as ‘contusions’. This is something you need not worry about it. This common medical condition causes the small blood vessels (capillaries) to break and bleed under your skin. This is the simple reason behind most bruising. 

The fragility of the capillaries as we grow old is the exact reason we bruise more than we age. This is because it loses its capabilities of cushioning our skin against bumps. This happens because the fat tissues in our body naturally grow thinner and fragile. 

Bruising, therefore, at any age is harmless and among those issues that you need not worry about. Most of the time, they don’t even require treatment. More precisely, your body can reabsorb the blood spilled within a brief span of time, healing from within. According to Dr. Paola Pasquali, the spread of a new contusion can be reduced simply by placing an ice pack over it. Further, she says that “once the bruise has been there for “over 48 hours, applying warm compresses can help speed healing.”

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However, there’s another medical condition popular as actinic purpura if you experience bruising in areas that had exposed to the sun throughout the years. Again, this results from aging. This is because purpura occurs because of the combination of UV-ray damage and aging. Although the condition is benign, one may feel insecure about this type of bruising and get worried. Usually, concealers do the trick of hiding these reddish-purple blemishes. 

Aside from getting older, some people are naturally prone to experience bruising frequently than the rest. This makes it possible for minor injuries to cause black and blue bruising over their body easily. This could be genetic because of a family history of bruising. Additionally, women are more prone to bruising than men, under the general rule. Scientists are yet to back up with the right cause for this. 

One other reason you might face this kind of bruising is because of your long-term oral medications. Similarly, topical corticosteroids can be prescribed for medical conditions as arthritis and eczema. These medications can cause thinning of the skin, making way for bruising easily. Other medications used for the reduction of blood clotting can contribute heavily to thinning of the skin.

These medications are designed in a way to make the capillary bleeding take longer than usual to stop bleeding. Also, it can reduce any clotting effect on your body. Hence, naturally it will be a reason behind bruising often and easily. This could also lead to more noticeable purple bruises and marks on your skin. However, this doesn’t mean you stop a particular prescription, because your treatments might be for a bigger or even a life-threatening issue, such as a stroke and bruising, then shouldn’t be on your bucket list. 

Discussing with your physician and possibly changing the dose of your medications can help. The doctor should be able to draw a conclusion if the medicine is what’s creating the bruising effect on your body. 

Although there’s no reason for you to worry about bruising often, there may be exceptional instances where you’ll need to. If you are experiencing a bruise, that’s much more painful and accompanied by a severe swell than a mild puffy sore, you might require immediate medical attention. This is because it could be a serious issue, like a fracture or a sprain. If you also suddenly started developing a lot of bruises that don’t fade or go away, seek medical advice. Moreover, if they just keep showing in areas as your back and torso, seek medical attention immediately. This might be because of serious medical conditions as leukemia, scurvy, kidney disease, or even liver failure. 

Despite bruising being is no cause of alarm, it will still require to be administered. If you are in any kind of doubt, you shouldn’t put up with it. Get professional advice to help yourself. 

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