Isn’t it time people start worrying about themselves and not about what other people are doing? Some people love talking about others; they get a thrill from making people feel bad about themselves. And if you’re a celebrity, you can expect the comments about your everyday life to come pouring in.


Some celebrities know how to take the critics. They do not get offended by them and just give the hate right back. Ariel Winter is one to always have enough confidence in herself to not care what anyone has to say. This self-confidence comes in handy with her recently being critiqued from body-shamers.


The star of “Modern Family” went off on a small rant lashing out on everyone who recently body shamed her on a picture she posted with her friends on Instagram. The night out with her friends was supposed to be fun and not a night where she had to worry about the media picking her apart.


Reportedly, after she posted the photo with her “squad” critics began to say the Winter’s shorts were too tight and that she was squeezing into them.


Ariel lashed back, raging about how much focus people were making on shorts and going off about the comments made of her “squeezing” into them. She felt the comments made it seem like someone with her body type should not be wearing shorts.


She also added to the critique saying “It’s summer” and she is allowed to wear as little clothing as she wants. Sorry, she’s not going to be seen walking around in the heat with a turtle neck and pants on. Just like any other normal girl, she enjoys wearing shorts and tank tops in the hot weather, and there is nothing wrong with that.


Winter stands for all young women who feel like they don’t have the right “body” to wear a certain outfit.


It’s OUR body and no one else’s; WE choose what goes on it.


For anyone who has suffered from body-shaming in the past; take after Ariel Winter. Show confidence in what you wear and ignore anyone who has any comments to say about it.


Sorry haters, you’re not winning this one.


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