Ashlee Simpson’s New Clothing Line

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“When we first started dating, I was loving his closet,” Simpson told Fashionista at the Zadig & Voltaire store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, alongside her husband Evan Ross in a 2018 interview. “Evan has some pretty blouses, some awesome pants.”

According to the Fashionista 2018 report, they’ve always had a penchant for shopping both the men’s and women’s sections, long before they met, which has led them to their latest project together, a unisex line for the edgy French brand called Jagger Snow, named after their daughter. Prices range from about $100 for a T-shirt to $628 for a blazer.

“It seems as though fashion is moving that direction, anyway; men are deciding not to just shop in men’s clothing; they can shop in women’s clothing, as well, and it opens the door to be able to have more options and more things to wear,” says Ross to Fashionista in a 2018 interview. “It’s nice to be on the forefront of doing something like that.”

Bringing personal and professional lives together while in a romantic relationship does not always work out great. But For Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson-Ross, the two launched of their capsule collection with Zadig & Voltaire, a new album and an E! reality TV series.

“A lot of times when two people are in the industry, they spend a lot of time away from each other because that’s what work does, but it’s nice to collaborate with your wife and family,” Ross said to the Los Angeles Times in a 2018 report. “We’re better together sometimes when it comes to the creative. It’s been a really, really fun experience.”

On June 1 they launched their unisex capsule with Zadig & Voltaire called Jagger Snow. The collection was named after their daughter. The 10-piece collection includes jackets, denim, T-shirts and hoodies pulling lyrics, such as “We don’t need permission to love,” from their co-produced album due out July 29.

“Evan did the artwork and it has a lot of stuff to do with love and the idea of love,” Simpson-Ross explained to the Los Angeles Times in a 2018 report.


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