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ASMR Videos are capable of creating a trance-like state we all enjoy! ASMR (autonomous sensory Meridian Response) is basically a sensation that helps relax. YouTube is filled with thousands of ASMR videos. These videos work as brain massagers for individuals. It doesn’t only help the brain but relaxes all your body muscles from top to toe.

ASMR Videos
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Its hype has been building for the last few years. Hundreds and thousands of these artists make these electrifying videos on YouTube and get millions of likes and followers. Some of them may inspire sensations through soft whispering or cutting stuff.

Nowadays, every social media site is attempting to create unique triggering videos. Most videos show women doing peculiar kinds of stuff, like using a toothbrush on microphones or wrecking lipsticks, humming with a mouth full of food, etc. Vloggers and YouTubers acknowledge this as a new genre.

Let’s discuss some ASMR video creation ideas for 2021. You’ll be amazed to see the different perspectives that can trigger your senses.

1.     Destroying Makeup:
ASMR Videos
Crushing The Lipsticks –

Demolishing your own makeup products can be relaxing for a few individuals. You can create the ASMR video on it. Like cutting the lipsticks into pieces or crushing them with a heel. Dropping the palates on the floor, cutting the magnificence makeup blenders. Some psychic people find this relaxing and enjoy dismantling their makeup.

2.     Triggers Scratching:
ASMR Videos
Mic Proximity –

Scratching is another 2021 hit in an ASMR video. These videos can disturb people in the wrong way or excite them. These videos can trigger many individuals. The sound of scratching with nails on walls or metal scratching can be unwinding for people. Scoring on the amplifier can give you tingling or shivering sensations.

3.     Keyboard tapping trend for ASMR Videos:
ASMR Videos
Tap sounds-

Keyboard typing is another innovative way to create a tingling sensation. The sound of tapping on the keyboard relaxes few people and excites them. Many find this sound infuriating, but with these ASMR videos, now people enjoy these sensations. Especially when you tap with long nails, the sound becomes sharper.

4.     Flipping pages:
The Sound of Paper-

In 2021, a unique ASMR creation is flipping pages. A person can never imagine that the act of flipping pages can unwind someone. The repetitive sound of flipping attracts individuals, and they find it soothing and relaxing. This soft and crinkling sound of paper and newspaper helps people relieve their anxiety and makes you super calm.

5.     Hand Moments:
ASMR Videos
Scratch and Sprinkle –

Certain hand moments can be relaxing. Many ASMR videos incorporate hand moments, and it’s surprising how people can enjoy slow hand movements. These movements can help you compose yourself. The action of making different shapes from hands in harmony can be tranquilizing for individuals.

6.     Buzzing Sounds in ASMR Videos:
ASMR Videos
The Buzz-

Buzzing is another trigger that has helped people in calming their senses. The buzzing sound of razors and different machines attracts people, and they find it entertaining. This unusual sound has helped people in sleeping and diverting their minds from their issues. Even people enjoy the aggressive sounds of machines as well.

7.     Dripping water:
ASMR Videos
Droplets and Splashes –

Water dripping or rain sound is soothing and incredibly relaxing for few people. There are hundreds of these such videos available on YouTube. Tons of them are as long as 3 hours. People enjoy hearing the droplets falling on the floor. This content helps improve sleep cycles.

Conclusion On ASMR Videos

These are the most creative ASMR trends of 2021. These types of videos started in 2012, and people find their ecstasies. These videos have a length of 15 minutes to 4 hours. The purpose of these videos is to relax viewers.

ASMR Videos
Kinetic Sand –

People get over sleep troubles after watching them. Sometimes content creators use specific types of mics and cameras. However, most people are creating in this genre with regular equipment. You can even shoot ASMR videos with your mobile phone.

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